From police reports dated Sept. 6 through 19
The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

2400 block of Coronet Way—Two men with guns approached another man at a bus stop and demanded his property. They took the man’s wallet, house keys and cellphone from his pockets before fleeing on foot.
700 block of Huff Road—When a man unlocked the front door to allow an employee to enter, a man entered with his hand in his pocket as if he had a gun. He said, “No one moves, no one gets hurt. Where’s the money?” He then told everyone to lie on the floor. Three other men entered. One of the suspects went behind the counter and removed the cash drawer with $150 inside, a Sony laptop, iPhone and car keys to a 2001 white Lexus RX300. The other suspects went through the victims’ pockets taking property. Arrests have been made.

1000 block of Collier Road—A neighbor saw someone in the stairwell bleeding from the head and with an electrical cord tied around his right wrist. He said “Robert” was inside his bedroom talking, when he suddenly got up and said, “I want your stuff. I need this, I need this.” The suspect struck the victim about the head with a hammer and flashlight before taking an Apple iPhone 6, wallet and keys to a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. The victim was transported to Grady to be treated for significant injuries to his head, face, hands and legs.

3200 Lenox Road—A man was sitting on his sofa when a man with a mask entered, pointed a knife and demanded money. The man complied and gave the suspect $50.

1900 block of Piedmont Circle—A man with a 9mm gun and a woman entered a room at a suites hotel, threatened the resident, took his TV and drove off in a red Ford Explorer. The suspects and a second man were located in the vehicle a short distance away, and identified by the resident. The residents and robbery suspects know each other and use drugs together. The robbery suspects claimed the resident said it was okay to take the television because he owed them money for drugs.

2100 block of Monroe Drive—A man left his white Dodge Charger running while he entered a store. While inside, he heard his vehicle speed off. He exited the location and yelled out “HEEEY!” A man stuck a black gun out of the window, which made the car owner retreat back inside. Video captured the man exiting the driver side of a powder blue Infiniti and the male passenger sliding over to the driver’s seat.

2400 block of Coronet Way—A man approached a woman and demanded her cellphone. When she refused, the man said, “Look, I’m going to ask you one more time or I’m going to punch you in the face.” She handed the man her iPhone 5C and he ran off.

1400 block of Mecaslin Street—People met up in person after connecting on Craigslist to sell an X-Box. Two men pulled an AK-47 and a black handgun, fired shots in the air and demanded their X-Box, wallets and keys. They fled in a Silver Nissan Altima and fired shots at the seller when he ran after their vehicle. Eleven .40-caliber shell casings were recovered. A projectile struck one vehicle in the parking lot.

First block of 25th Street—Men drove up to a driver in a gold sedan, pointed guns and stated “You know what we want [expletive deleted],” and “You know what we do, ho.” They took the driver’s keys, wallet, necklace, credit cards and cell phones.

First block of Roswell Court—Two men in a black Nissan approached a man. One suspect showed a gun in his waistband while the other suspects took $660 from his pocket. The victim said the driver is known as “El Abuelo” and that he and his girlfriend know when the victim gets paid and has taken money from him in the past.

4200 block of Roswell Road—Someone walked into a cellphone store with a revolver, forced the clerk and customers into the back and demanded electronics items (phones and tablets). Employees complied and placed several items and monies form the cash register into a black plastic bag. An arrest has been made.

Aggravated Assault

2600 block of Peyton Road—A verbal altercation turned physical when someone picked up a stick. Both parties pushed each other to the ground and one person retaliated by beating the other with the stick. A patrol officer noted visible lacerations to one person’s hand, bruises to the forearm and back.

3200 block of Roswell Road—While handling a booting dispute, a man used a handgun to knock on a driver’s window several times. While on scene, the man with the gun was positively identified by the driver as he walked by. The handgun was recovered after a “consent to search” warrant was obtained.

1700 block of Northside Drive—Several men attacked a man, who was outside an apartment complex in the pool area. He reported being punched, kicked and thrown into the pool. He received several rib fractures as a result of the incident.

I-75 at Northside Drive—A man pulled beside another man on the highway, lowered the passenger window and pointed a handgun at him.

3400 block of Kingsboro Road—An intoxicated man showed up at a woman’s front door and began a verbal argument. When she refused to open the door, he kicked the door in, splitting the doorframe. Once inside, he choked her and said he would kill her. The man snatched the woman’s iPhone when he realized she was recording the entire episode. Arrests were made.

3100 block of Roswell Road—A man and a group of men were engaged in a verbal dispute that turned physical when he was struck in the face and head with a glass bottle. He was later treated for five fractures and also some possible muscle and tissue damage behind his left eye.

200 block of Sardis Way –After being thrown out of a bar for a argument, one person was stabbed in the stomach while walking down the street. The suspect later phoned 911 in Sandy Springs to confess his part in the attack. Police responded to the scene, recovered the weapon and the suspect was taken into custody.

2400 block of Piedmont Road—During a fight, a person was struck in the face with a drinking glass and cut about the face. The suspect was able to leave the location undetected, but was later identified when a member of his entourage showed police his Facebook page.

2600 block of Piedmont Road—Police units were dispatched to a shoplifting call at a department store. Upon arrival, police saw someone trying to run away. As police approached, the suspect picked up a chair and swung it at officers, who tased the suspect before arrest.

2300 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—A man cut off a woman’s vehicle as she entered a parking lot. When she began honking her horn, he “gave her the middle finger” and used profane language. As she was walking from the ATM, he sped his vehicle in the direction she and a minor child were walking, almost striking them. When she said she was phoning police, the man said he didn’t care and fled the scene.

1700 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—A man said he was struck in the head with a flashlight when he refused to leave a nightclub parking lot. He drove himself to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment and later to Grady Medical Hospital for follow-up. Police were unable to confirm or deny the incident took place. The victim sustained a contusion to the forehead.

Residential Burglary

3200 block of Paces Ferry Road—A 70-inch flat-screen TV, a Bose Surround System, Apple TV box, a Blue Ray player, a diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings and other jewelry were taken from a house that is being renovated.

700 block of Huff Road—Several drawers inside an apartment were ransacked, but no items were taken.

2500 block of Defoors Ferry Road—A washer, dryer, stainless steel stove, refrigerator and a Kitchen-Aid dishwasher were taken from a house.

1100 block of Collier Road—A MK watch, a MK diamond necklace and an MK ring were taken from an apartment.

2000 block of Northside Drive—A Dell laptop, a Ryobi tool kit, an electric scooter and two blue bikes were taken from a house.

700 block of West Wesley Road—A basement window was broken and a GE refrigerator, a white Whirlpool washer and a white dryer were taken.

2000 block of Peachtree Road—A 50-inch TV, a Visio laptop, a wallet and two Money orders were taken.

200 block of Laurel Forest Circle—A Kitchen Aid gas stove top was taken from a house that is vacant.

3500 block of Roxboro Road—A Honda gas powered pressure washer, 47-inch TV, a 50-inch Sony TV, a Blackberry Device, an Xbox, a 37-inch Samsung TV, a brown comforter, a Dell Inspirion laptop and a Daniel Wellington watch were taken.

2100 block of Piedmont Road—Apartment keys, key fob, a vehicle key and a keyless remote entry were taken by the resident’s ex-boyfriend.

4000 block of Conway Valley Road—A gas-powered leaf blower was taken from the carport and an iPad Mini and change jar were taken from the resident’s room. A pillow case was discovered on the kitchen counter.

1900 block of Hollywood Road—A burglar bar was found lying on the ground and a window was broken. The interior of the residence was ransacked and the alarm panel ripped form the wall and broken. An LG 60-inch LED TV, a Phillips 55-inch TV, two Dell 13-inch laptops, a Sony Dolby stereo, a wedding ring, a women’s handbag and a set of house/work keys were taken.

500 block of Collier Road—A Whirlpool microwave and gas stove were taken from a vacant house that is currently listed for sale.

4000 block of Arden Way—A Sony Bravia 40-inch TV, a MacBook Air laptop and a leather wallet with a checkbook and credit cards were taken.

4200 block of Wiecua Road—A Nintendo WII, an Xbox One, two laptops and three flat-screen TVs were taken from a house currently listed for sale.

Commercial Burglary

3600 block of Peachtree Road—The safe keyboard was damaged and the register tills totaling $600 were taken. Milk was poured on the keyboard and electronic devices.
2400 block of Bolton Road—A window air conditioner and 100 DVD movies were taken.
1300 block of Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard—A black TV stand, a black LG flat-screen TV and three Dell monitors were taken.
3200 block of Roswell Road—A cash drawer that contained $300 in currency was taken.
3700 block of Roswell Road—Approximately 50 pairs of various eyeglasses were taken.
2400 block of Parkland Drive—A Dell and two iMac computers were taken.

Auto Theft
Between Sept. 6 and 12, a total of 18 vehicles were reported stolen and two attempts to steal a vehicle were reported.
Between Sept. 13 and 19, a total of 10 vehicles were reported stolen.

Between Sept. 6 and 12, a total of 56 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 49 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.
Between Sept. 13 and 19, a total of 34 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 28 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.

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