Staff members from the cities of Brookhaven and Sandy Springs recently met privately to discuss Pill Hill’s planning issues.

The meeting included planning staff from both cities and was held Oct. 2 in Sandy Springs. Spokeswoman for both cities declined to say exactly what was discussed. Sandy Springs spokeswoman Sharon Kraun said involved “sharing of information” and “things Brookhaven folks would love to see” but need to be reviewed to see if the wishes are “realistic” and “legal.”

The meeting followed renewed traffic and planning concerns about Pill Hill, the medical center at Johnson Ferry and Peachtree Dunwoody roads that is home to Children’s Healthcare, Emory Saint Joseph’s and Northside hospitals. A new apartment proposal in the area triggered the discussions.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

3 replies on “Brookhaven and Sandy Springs officials meet about Pill Hill”

  1. Breaks my heart, literally, as lifelong Sandy Springs’r to see a City (Mayor, Council, and staff) totally drunk on new tax dollars! We are OVER building apartments folks. There is NO shame in Sandy Springs, certainly not in our “leadership” – all cowards without the vision to create a carefully crafted and cared for community we could be proud of .. this period of shame is equal to the Fulton Co regime of the 60’s that left Roswell Road as ugly and bad as it is.

    FACTS: schools are bad and Council wont tackle that issue (young families forced to privately educate-property values are held hostage). No shame that Sandy Springs did not “make” Mercedes preserve Glen Estate and Castle … and, the thanks for that is that Mercedes HR is telling its employees to seek housing in East Cobb where “the school system is better ..”.

    My question … why did we elect this group of wimps and, really, does ANYONE care ? I pray that Brookhaven does better ! HAVE and WEAR the shame, “Mayor and panty boy Paul, A Bauman, et al !!!

  2. I work on Pill hill and the traffic deteriorates by the month…”realistic” does she mean by the developers criteria??? With Rusty as our Mayor, you can bet there will be more building and more traffic….watch for it.

  3. I took my urgently ill to St Jos ER and, she waited in excruciating pain. Both St Jos and Northside were slammed and turning away ambulances. I called Mayor Pauls office 5 times to alert him that our hospitals are unable to handle the patient load. I NOT ONE time got a call back … the big shot “Mayor” of a 100,000 person city is just too busy, or doesn’t care enough, to talk with c i t i z e n s who are concerned and, this is serious stuff !!!!

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a Mayor and City council who cared about public good FIRST? Oh, that’s called integrity – isn’t it?

    All three hospitals have expansion plans and, what OUGHT to happen is for Sandy Springs to deny a l l of them until they can document that they are able to handle our population and patient demand FIRST. Oh well … that would require some guts and, sadly, we simply have no one on our Council or in our Mayors office that has any !

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