Dunwoody residents who received a Dunwoody election absentee ballot and do not see all three At-Large City Council races listed (i.e. names of Terry Nall, Lynn Deutsch and John Heneghan) have an incorrect ballot, officials say.

DeKalb County Board of Registration and Elections will automatically send a corrected ballot by Thursday Oct. 22. The corrected ballots will include a pre-stamped return envelope and an explanation to all voters who have already been sent an absentee ballot.

The county mailed 138 erroneous absentee ballots, the city of Dunwoody said in a press release.

City officials notified the county office after determining the initial absentee ballots included candidate information pertaining to individual city voting districts instead of the required citywide, at-large candidate information.

The Board office requests anyone who does not receive a corrected absentee ballot by October 22 to please contact the Board office at 404-298-4020.

The error was caught in time to ensure the correct citywide “at-large” candidate information will be included within the Nov. 3 Election Day ballot database as well as those registered voters who choose to participate in early voting at the county elections office.

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