Investigators looking into corruption in DeKalb County’s government recently reported the county was “rotten to the core” and suggested Interim CEO Lee May should resign. What’s your reaction to their report? Should May resign?

“I find it ironic he says he hired some consultants to investigate and he didn’t like their findings. At this point, I like the fact we have a small city in Brookhaven and more cities want to take control of government in DeKalb County. It shows we want to come together to make government more accountable. [Should May resign?] He should step down and let someone else come in. We need to do a better job of cleaning house.”
Von Terry
“If there’s any validity [to the report] it should be investigated and government has a civic duty to uphold it—to work for the people in the community they represent. Sure, [May should resign]. Anyone responsible and who is participating in corrupt practices should be held accountable.”
Michael Davis
“I think we need to get some better community-minded people [into government]. I think we need to privatize the financial sector of government and leave the other half to public interest. [Should May resign?] I think there needs to be more investigation. It’s early … but if things are discovered that warrant his resignation, at that point ask for it.”
John Morrison
“I think they should respond swiftly and sternly. We can’t afford to have yet another CEO that’s taking advantage of taxpayer dollars. Absolutely, he should resign.”
Mary Winslow
“I’m completely tired of the corruption in DeKalb County. I think it’s ridiculous. I think the position of CEO should be eliminated.”
Peter Pizzo
“It’s unfortunate. … [Should May resign?] I don’t know if he’s had a fair shake.”
Alexandra Cannada
“[The officials should respond] with honesty, with sincerity and transparency. Nobody’s a fool. I think [May] has been doing a good job so far and he deserves a chance, and he should be given the benefit of the doubt for now. He’s making an effort to clean things up and improve things in the county.”
Juan Rodriguez