A Facebook Page created as a joke Oct. 23. Its administrator encourages residents to “just say no to everything” and said “no thanks” to requests for comment.

A self-proclaimed anti-everything group on Oct. 23 created a Facebook Page for citizens of Dunwoody, encouraging residents to “Just Say No. To Everything,” the cover photo says.

The Page, “Dunwoody Citizens for the Advancement of Nothing,” had 76 “likes” as of Oct. 26.

The Page administrator said he or she prefers to remain anonymous and uses a nondescript profile picture with a yellow-green asterisk for a face, poking fun at the city’s early branding.

The first post shared a resolution written by the Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber, against supporting the Chamber’s resolution supporting a proposed Westside Connector in Dunwoody.

“The Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber pass a resolution to ‘support the City of Dunwoody’s investing funds to conduct the preliminary analysis and engineering needed to consider the feasibility of the Westside Connector.’ We are against this. If the city were to see if the road is feasible, then they might find out that it is feasible. If it is determined to be feasible, we would be against it, so we think we should just nip this in the bud,” the post said.

The goal of the Page is comedy, the administrator said in a Facebook message Oct. 23.

“No thanks,” the admin said when asked for further comment.

Travis Reid posted on the Page just after noon on Oct. 26. that he is against sidewalks in Dunwoody.

“All these sidewalks need to stop. I don’t walk. Why do we need them? Complete waste of taxpayer money,” Reid posted.