Light Up Brookhaven in 2014.
Light Up Brookhaven in 2014.

The annual Light Up Brookhaven celebration is growing along with the live Christmas tree the city decorates for the holiday season.

On Dec. 3, an evergreen tree the city planted in Blackburn Park three years ago will shine alongside a dreidel, a four-sided spinning top that Jewish children play with during Hannukah.

“It’s a decorative dreidel,” city spokeswoman Ann Marie Quill said. “It’s 3 feet tall and we’re adding decorations: Bears that say ‘Happy Hannukah.’”

Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams said the dreidel was Quill’s idea, suggested in October when the city started planning its annual event. “She suggested it and we thought it was a great idea,” Williams said.

Quill said she got the idea from Johns Creek. “I used to cover Johns Creek [as a news reporter] and that’s where I got the idea for a dreidel,” Quill said. “I said, ‘I’d like to add a dreidel and a Hanukkah celebration’ [in Brookhaven]and everyone agreed, so there never was much of a conversation about it.”

Williams said Brookhaven has tried to make each Light Up Brookhaven festival bigger since the city started. Santa is set to arrive on a fire truck, which the mayor said will be a “banner event.” The city does not plan to provide a photographer, but parents are welcome to take pictures, Quill said.

Students from Montgomery Elementary School will host a hot chocolate sale to benefit their chorus.

“Each year we try to involve more of the community, families and kids,” Williams said. “We’ve added crafts this year.”

Between 100 to 200 people came out last year, Quill said, and she expects Light Up Brookhaven to attract a bigger crowd this year.

“The mayor will be the MC, and Marist and Montgomery elementary schools will sing Christmas carols,” Quill said. The stage will be by the Christmas tree, which is right across from Kroger, she said.