Sgt. Robert Parsons holds up the lifesaving tool Dunwoody police officers carry for overdose victims.

Dunwoody police rescued an unconscious and unresponsive man during a welfare check at the Drexel Apartments Dec. 2.

Based on evidence at the scene, officers suspected the man might be a victim of an overdose. Sgt. Robert Parsons gave the man a department-issued Evzio Naloxone injection.

Parsons’ quick response and action by administering Evzio Naloxone, the male is expected to make a full recovery. Ironically, Sergeant Parsons initiated the department’s effort to secure the devices.

Once emergency medical services arrived on scene, Parsons gave the man an additional round of Evzio Naloxone and the man woke up and was taken to the hospital.

Further medical investigation revealed that the male tested positive for opioids, which could have been from prescription pain pills or heroin.

The Dunwoody Police Department recently began carrying Evzio Naloxone after receiving a grant from Kaléo Pharmaceutical Company. All officers were issued the lifesaving single-use auto-injector after completing training in October and this incident was the first time the device was used.

Opioid related overdoses have become an epidemic across the United States. No community is immune from the devastating effects of opioid based drugs. According to the CDC, 66 people a day die from opioid based drugs each day in the United States.