Back row, left to right, Yaser Arafath, Syed Rajkapoor, Khalid Bashir. Front row, from left, Ayesha Thasneem Nagoor Hanifa, Hashir Nagoor Hanifa and Muhab Wani at Masjid Uthman, a mosque operating in a small office park in Dunwoody.

A founding member of the Muslim congregation in Dunwoody says members of the group have not experienced any “untoward incidents” in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif.

­­Khalid Bashir, a spokesman for the group, said he and the congregation condemn the attacks.

“We as humans and, more so, as Muslims, deeply condemn the dastardly act,” Bashir said. “The Quran is very serious and absolute in its declaration that innocent people and civilians of any kind should never be harmed.”

Masjid Uthman Dunwoody is “doing OK as a community,” he said.

“Our approach has been simple: Be patient, strengthen your connection with God, return any evil action or comment towards you with a good one,” Bashir said.

The congregation is raising money for a permanent home in Dunwoody. Members are raising money with the hope they can move “two blocks from the current location,” the congregation said on Facebook.

“The Facebook [post] and website implies that [we have found a permanent location], but we are far from having made a final decision,” Bashir said. “We are in the process of securing a permanent place, have few options but haven’t finalized it yet.”

Masjid Uthman Dunwoody now is located at 1707 Mount Vernon Road in an office park.

“Unfortunately, during the heat of all of this in the national debate, Islam and Muslims are under fire for all the negativity and all the good values and high moral standards that Muslims possess and practice and what good Islam advocates is being lost in the noise,” Bashir said.