The Talbott home in Sandy Springs displays 22,000 lights and figurines set out by Greg Talbot Sr. and son, Greg Talbot Jr. Photo by Ellen Eldridge

Metro Atlanta neighbors aren’t shy about lighting up their homes for the holidays. Here are a few must-see sites for anyone wanting to see some extraordinary displays.

Pragya Singh moved into her Buckhead home at 815 West Paces Ferry Road six months ago.

Her husband is Indian Consul General Nagesh Singh, so the family moves about every three years for his job. This year, she decided to decorate for the holidays.

Her house now is aglow with hanging lights. A contractor did much of the work around the yard, while Singh served as creative director and strung lights around smaller pillars. Her holiday lights recognize and celebrate the Indian holiday Diwali, which was Nov. 11 this year.

The lights were all up by the last week of October and she decided to continue the light show through the New Year, she said.

The Singh home on West Paces Ferry Road in Buckhead, above, features hanging lights, above. The home was lit in October ahead of Diwali. Photo by Ellen Eldridge

“It’s nice to have your house decorated,” she said. “The festive season started here with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas and then New Year’s, so I thought it’d be nice to have the lights for at least two months since everybody’s worked so hard.”

Over in Sandy Springs, Greg Talbott has been decorating his home during the Christmas season since the 1980s. His display of more than 22,000 lights goes up in October. It adds about $175 a month to his electric bill, he said.

Talbott said he does it for his two grandkids.

“We had three [grandchildren], but we lost one to cancer a few years ago this month,” he said. “She was 9. She was the light of our life.”

This year, they added an LED lighted Olaf the Snowman figure, representing a character from the movie “Frozen.” Talbott said it doesn’t shine as brightly as the older figures that don’t use LED lights, but the LEDs save electricity.

“Quite a bit” of storage space is needed to house the decorations during the year, Talbott said. “We’ve got a couple of rooms in the basement and we’ve got a shed.”

The Talbott home in Sandy Springs displays 22,000 lights and figurines set out by Greg Talbot Sr. and son, Greg Talbot Jr. Photo by Ellen Eldridge
Dr. Gary Gropper

Dr. Gary Gropper also needs a large amount of storage space for his more than 150 inflatable decorations. Year after year he fills his yard at the corner of Winall Down and Peachtree-Dunwoody roads with everything from snowmen to Santa Claus to the leg lamp from the movie “A Christmas Story.”

The Harris home on Leisure Drive in Dunwoody
A snowman shines on a frozen pond of lights outside the Harris home in Dunwoody.

The Harris home at 4945 Leisure Drive in Dunwoody revels in its freedom because Erika Harris said her family was in the process of selling a home last Christmas and had to keep the display “tame.”

“We promised our kiddos that this year they could make the house ‘super bright and fun,’ which means that this year is all about the kids and the bright and happy that the Christmas spirit embodies for them,” Harris said.

“The idea was to create a village of sorts — things you might see in a winter wonderland: Frosty the Snowman skating on a frozen pond, penguins decorating their igloo and Santa delivering presents on a whimsical train.”