A landscaping plan done for DHA by Sears, Smith & Associate in 2012.
A landscaping plan done in 2012 for the Dunwoody Homeowners Association by Sears, Smith & Associate and submitted to Dunwoody’s Public Works Department.

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association plans to start regular cleanups of the intersection of Winters Chapel and Peeler roads, DHA President Robert Wittenstein said in an email Dec. 17.

“A core part of DHA’s mission is to enhance the community we live in,” Wittenstein said. “We’ve selected this spot because we think it will have a positive impact on the community. We will be investing several thousand dollars in implementing a plan and then maintain it for two years.”

The city’s Adopt-A-Spot program gives Dunwoody area businesses, groups and individuals an opportunity to install and/or maintain a landscaped area at an intersection or road median. Though the DHA started the program, the city now administers it.

About four years ago, the DHA “adopted” a spot on Mount Vernon at Mount Vernon Place. Now, a homeowner owns that land, Wittenstein said during the DHA meeting.

“We could decide that we’ve done our thing there and now that there’s a homeowner, the homeowner can assume responsibility all the way out to the curb, we could continue to do it or we could decide to [adopt a spot] somewhere else,” Wittenstein said.

Rather than continue with the spot located on Mount Vernon at Mount Vernon Place, Wittenstein suggested finding a new spot instead of renewing the contract a third time for the current one.

The initial setup cost for landscaping an Adopt-A-Spot location varies from $1,000 to $6,000, DHA board members said during discussion. Then, maintenance costs would start at about $100 a month, depending on the landscaping company chosen. Wittenstein said he couldn’t get more than one bid for maintaining the spot at Mount Vernon and Mount Vernon Place, where the original maintenance fee paid in 2012 was $80 a month. Wittenstein said the DHA paid double if not triple that amount in 2015.

Stacey Harris, a DHA past president and current board member, said the organization wanted to show community support through its program.

“We chose that [original] spot because it was darned ugly and visible,” Harris said. “When I drive by it, it looks nice and we have made a difference. So, if we don’t do it there, where else is a damn ugly spot that we can make a difference?”

Adrienne Duncan and Gerri Penn suggested adopting the intersection of Winters Chapel and Peeler roads.

The city is currently working with its neighbor, Peachtree Corners, on a “streetscape project” that includes sidewalks, pocket parks, trees, benches, trash cans and streetlights.

Dunwoody City Councilman Doug Thompsonm who attended the meeting and represents this section of Dunwoody, said Peachtree Corners started on sidewalks already, but construction on Dunwoody’s side wouldn’t start until 2017.

“DHA has no presence over there, zero,” said Duncan, who lives in the area.