Seven puppies were stolen Sunday Dec. 20 from Petland Dunwoody. Photos courtesy Petland Dunwoody.

Seven puppies, ranging from eight to 12 weeks old were stolen from their Petland Dunwoody cages early Sunday morning, a store official says.

The store has video surveillance footage of “three men who busted in the back door and were in and out in three minutes,” General Manager Kimberly Collins said.

Collins opened the store, which is located at 4733 Ashford-Dunwoody Road, Sunday at 11 a.m.and immediately saw many unlocked doors and multiple cages open, she said.

Collins said of the 30 dogs in the store, only seven were stolen. “It’s just crazy what they picked,” she said.

The police report shows the dogs were all valued between $1,519, for a Cockapoo, and $6,069 for an English bulldog. The breeds stolen included a Boston terrier, a shih tzu, a cocker spaniel, a bull terrier and a whocker. The total value of dogs stolen is $17, 433, according to the police report.

“The last gentleman [to leave the building] grabbed a handful of dog beds,” Collins said, guessing that the burglary might have been related to selling or giving the puppies as gifts.

All the dogs have microchips that have been activated as stolen, Collins said, and local veterinarians and pet clinics have been notified.

“We just want them back safe,” Collins said.

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