Five skyscrapers are planned as part of a massive redevelopment on Perimeter Center West next to the Sandy Springs MARTA Station, according to a rezoning application filed with the city. A preliminary community meeting is slated for Jan. 20.

An illustration from the rezoning application for 1117 Perimeter Center West.

The residential and office towers, each standing 20 to 29 stories tall, would surround the existing office building at 1117 Perimeter Center West. Design illustrations show the towers as walled with mirrored glass and topped with pointed triangular beams.

The existing building is known for its unusual hexagonal shape with an interior courtyard that the plan shows opened up for performances. The proposal totals 1.3 million square feet, Assistant City Manager Jim Tolbert said at the Jan. 5 Sandy Springs City Council meeting, where the project was mentioned in passing.

Stonewalk Companies LLC, which gives the existing building as its address, filed the application for the 13-acre site near the Dunwoody border in Perimeter Center.

The site is on the opposite side of the Mount Vernon Highway/Peachtree-Dunwoody Road intersection from the parcel where developer Hines proposes another massive mixed-use developments with skyscrapers. The Hines project is embroiled in a city zoning dispute that may result in a lawsuit.

The Perimeter Center West project requires rezoning to mixed-use, and its timing may be affected by whether the city extends its rezoning moratorium, currently set to expire on Jan. 17. Tolbert said it is one of three—and by far the largest—projects that “gambled” on the moratorium expiring and filed in recent weeks so that it could move ahead under existing zoning code.

The City Council discussed the rezoning moratorium in a non-voting work session, with no consensus on whether it should be extended. The council recently approved new “interim guidelines” for mixed-use projects while city consultants work on a new zoning code expected later this year. The guidelines—which are suggestions, not code—call for denser and taller redevelopment near MARTA stations.

Whatever happens with the rezoning moratorium, the Perimeter Center West project is still in an early phase under new city rules requiring pre-application meetings with city staff and the general public. As part of that process, the developers will hold a public meeting Wed., Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. at the existing office building at 1117 Perimeter Center West.

An illustration of some of the towers in the 1117 Perimeter Center West rezoning application.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

2 replies on “5-skyscraper project proposed next to Sandy Springs MARTA Station”

  1. Saw this comment posted on another forum and is apropos here:

    “A few lines from the Sandy Springs “City Vision” from our 2007 Comprehensive Plan seem worth pasting here…a reminder why Sandy Springs came into existence.

    **Sandy Springs will continue to be characterized by residential neighborhoods of predominantly single-family, detached homes at low densities. The City will strive to ensure that existing single-family neighborhoods will continue to be characterized by large lots, substantial tree cover and low vehicular traffic.**

    This proposed project in its current state is diametrically opposed to every facet of the above text…”

  2. Since the end result of all the new construction – high rise, mid-rise, mixed- use, residential, etc. is going to be ever escalating traffic gridlock expanding from the heart of Sandy Springs through Dunwoody and onto I-285 and 400; at the least the very first requirement from the developers proposing their projects should be a traffic study showing the mitigation of the problems they will implement through construction and completion of the project. These developers should be made to cooperate with each other and the traffic control authorities (do we even have such a thing?) to ensure continuity.

    And what is going on with a realistic alternative such as a free mini-bus routing through Sandy Springs and surrounding communities to ease current conditions. Complete Streets ( a national group) is currently consulting with Atlanta and Sandy Springs to coach the city governments on comprehensive pedestrian friendly sidewalk and street construction as we develop the City Springs center.

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