The city is buying a long-shuttered gas station at 8475 Roswell Road, between Sullivan Road and Hightower Trail, as “land banking” in the hopes of sparking redevelopment.

The $630,000 purchase from Tucker-based Triton Enterprises was approved by City Council on Jan. 5. The station closed 11 years ago and has been on the market many times without a sale, city officials said. There is no specific plan yet for the property, making it the city’s first speculative land-banking purchase, city spokeswoman Sharon Kraun said.

“We’ll be eliminating the biggest eyesore on Roswell Road,” said City Councilman Ken Dishman. Mayor Rusty Paul agreed, saying, “The only way we could make it pretty…is to be able to buy this and do it ourselves.”

Officials said gas tanks already were removed and that the purchase price was $50,000 below the appraised value.

A Google Earth image of the shuttered gas station at 8475 Roswell Road as it looked in June 2015.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

One reply on “Sandy Springs buys shuttered gas station for ‘land banking’”

  1. A modest dispute…
    The “biggest eyesore” on Roswell road is that of signage…
    that crass, garish, tawdry, ugly signage that brays “Shop here!” as the eye falls.

    A truly civilized community would ban this travesty.
    Until then, Sandy Springs will persist as a banjo-strumming trailer park
    boasting laughable pretensions.

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