From Sandy Springs police reports recorded Jan. 22 through Jan. 27

Capt. Steve Rose

The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.
900 block of Woodcliff Drive – Someone entered a condo, without forced entry, and took several items including an iPad, Beats headphones and Nike shoes.
4900 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road – A basement door was forced open to this home sometime around 6 p.m. The resident was at home. Apparently, nothing was taken. The resident said she heard a sound and when she went to check it, found the open door, which was normally closed and locked. The suspect apparently fled just after entry.
6000 block of Park Avenue – The resident reported his basement door was forced open. A TV and Xbox system are gone.
1000 block of Hammond Drive – The owner of a pasta restaurant said she arrived to find a side door damaged and entry made to the business. Inside, the burglar(s) took a grand total of  $10. They also took wine and beer.
5500 block of Kingsport Drive – A caller told police he was chasing a burglar in the Northwoods Drive area after the man took his TV and other items. The victim said he returned home to find two young males leaving his apartment, one whose name he knew as Christian. He chased them, but they managed to elude him.
6400 block of Roswell Road – The building’s back door had been pried open. The suspect(s) entered and took copper wiring from the rafters and electrical closet.
100 block of Lexington Place – The complainant said she noticed two males who kept going in and out of the condo’s community clubhouse during the afternoon. He said they walked from there headed to the overpass on Roberts Road over Ga. 400. The complainant went into the clubhouse and found damaged furniture, snacks that were consumed and trash lying about. It appeared they broke a gate leading to the clubhouse and apparently used plastic bottles as temporary marijuana pipes. The two were described as 14-year-old to 17-year-old males.
6400 block of Roswell Road – A paint company building was entered by smashing the glass on a side door. A small amount of cash was stolen from a file cabinet.
7100 block of Brandon Mill Drive – The resident said someone forced entry to the home through the carport door, leaving a crowbar on the floor inside. Several items were taken.
1100 block of Perimeter Center West – A man reported that someone stole his laptop from his work desk. The area is under construction with several people passing through frequently.
2000 block of Dunwoody Club Drive – A grocery store reported that two women came in, stole a gift card and used it later to purchase other cards. They left in a 2003 Infinity. Suspects are describerd as short, 30s, one thin, one stocky.
8700 block of Roswell Road – A grocery store reported a man and woman came in and stole items including Rogaine, total value over $300. They were both detained. The female was wanted in Atlanta for shoplifting and possession of stolen property. She was arrested with a transfer request to Atlanta. He was given a citation to appear.
Riverhill Drive – A man reported that someone stole his gun. He did not see this happen but said they may have somehow obtained a key. He said someone has been harassing him since 2008, a boyfriend of a friend of the victim. He said the friend also has another friend who is gay and obsessed with him.
5200 block of Roswell Road – A man, described as older and about 6-foot 4-inches tall, broke the door off a Caterpillar loader and used it to load a welding machine as well as other items. A witness who saw him said he thought the man was a worker.
5000 block of Long Island Drive – The complainant said two AC units were stolen from an occupied home.
1800 block of Treelodge Parkway – A 41-year-old woman said she was taking a bath at which time her live-in boyfriend stole her car. Apparently he took the car because she had a weight bench belonging to him.
1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway – A sports equipment company’s employees reported that a male and female entered the store. The male entered, but stopped and then left. The woman went back to the Nike section and tried on items. She came back to the front and asked the cashier employees if they saw a man. They replied yes, and he had just stepped outside. She returned to the Nike section but soon was seen running toward the front door with stolen clothing bundled under her arm. She left and got into a car with the man who had originally walked in with her. The man was 30-35 years old, 190-200 pounds, about 5-foot 10-inches, and bald, driving a 2012 Mazda or Acura. The female was about 30-35 years old, 5-foot 6-inches, a bit on the heavy side at 225-245 pounds, with shoulder-length brown hair, heavy gray coat and black leggings. She had a bruise on her face close to her bottom lip.
A woman reported her son lost his iPhone at a bar in Buckhead. Later, she was contacted by someone calling himself Michael Rollins, who said he would return it for $65 plus shipping cost. She wired $100 via Western Union. He then quit calling and eventually disconnected the phone.
Thefts from Vehicles
Nine vehicles reported items stolen from them between Jan. 22-Jan. 27.
5600 block of Roswell Road – At a game shop, there was an attempted snatch robbery. A female tried to steal over $1,200 in items, got into a tug of war with an employee, fled, got into a white Charger and left.
8700 block of Roswell Road – Arrest of 15-year-old burglary suspect.
Spring Creek Lane – Four arrested for a May home invasion.
6600 block of Roswell Road – An angry customer at a bank said she was going to shoot the employees. Detectives are investigating.
5900 block of Roswell Road – A woman reported she was getting in her car when she was approached by a female who was crying and saying she was looking for a lawyer’s office. During that time, another female, much older, came up and asked what was happening. The young female then tells all that she won $400,000 thanks to the Georgia Lottery. The older woman looks at the “winning ticket,” and calls the law office number to speak with a representative who tells her the lawyers need $15,000 to claim the winnings. (What?) The older woman said she would help her raise the money so they could leave the lawyers out of it. The victim also agreed to help her. (Don’t do it!)
5800 block of Roswell Road – The victim withdrew $9,500 from her bank. The older woman said she had to go home to get the money. The older woman told the victim to wait for her. The older woman returned with what looked like jewelry and $2,000 cash. They drove back to the 5900 block of Roswell Road. The older woman said she needed to get paperwork from inside. The younger woman now complained of a headache and the victim left momentarily to get her something for the headache—after handing the $9,500 to the older woman. When she got back, well…all gone. (Insert lecture here).
How did this not scream fraud and scam to you? A version of the old fashion Pigeon Drop found money scam. Go back and read it and look at where you should have started to say, “This doesn’t pass the smell test.” She even lost her cellphone in the deal.
5700 block of Roswell Road – Cops were called around midnight to a gas station on a person being disorderly. They located the man nearby who had been inside the store being disruptive. One officer found him down the street, and when interviewing him, the man kept repeating “What do you want?” Store video showed him inside and being disruptive so he was arrested.
7500 block of Roswell Road – Security officers at a grocery store watched as a woman took over $100 in steaks and Fixodent, I’m guessing to prepare those dentures for those juicy steaks, and put them in her purse. She was detained and police called. A male who was with her at the time fled. She said she knows the man only as Antwan. She was arrested.
Cops were called to Lexington Place following a previous report of illegal entry and vandalism. The officers found a male and female, both 15 years old, inside the clubhouse and having sex. The officers could not enter the clubhouse due to the entrance being locked. The pair dressed and then fled the location, but were rounded up a short time later. The male was a listed runaway from Atlanta Police Department. They were returned to their parents with a court date pending.
600 block of River Valley Drive – The owner of the home left to go nearby but had his new camera system on. He received an alert on his smartphone showing a live feed of a burglar in his home. He notified police who responded while the guy was still in the home. He fled through a basement window but ran into one of the officers covering the back, so he jumped a fence, then ran through several yards. Other officers set up a perimeter and began looking. Another officer located the man, out of breath, hiding in some bushes on Riverwood Drive. He was taken into custody. Burglary items were recovered linking him to an earlier burglary on Kingsport Drive.

Joe Earle

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