The estimated cost to make all the changes and improvements in Brookhaven’s site-specific Park Master Plan is just shy of $28 million, according to a presentation made to the city council Feb. 9.

Liz Cole, project manager for GreenbergFarrow, laid out the estimated costs made by her firm:

Ashford Park — $1,129,310

Blackburn Park — $4,731,970

Briarwood Park — $4,845,570

Clack’s Corner — $139,915

Fernwood Park — $658,625

Georgian Hills Park — $1,644,550

Lynwood Park — $3,696,350

Murphey Candler Park — $8,206,500

Murphey Candler Park II-Extension — $462,750

Skyland Park — $2,249,590

Estimated total — $27,765,130

“Every single one of your properties is incredible,” Cole said.

Mayor John Ernst acknowledged the total estimated cost was a “big number.”

Cole also recommended the city survey all parks to determine exact boundaries, tree inventory, topography and also underground utilities before any work begins. Interim City Manager Gary Yandura said it would cost approximately $300,000 to do so.

The in-depth look at the 10 parks began in September with community meetings seeking input from the public on the parks’ histories, uses and improvements wish lists.
Click below on the link to view the entire presentation and proposals made to each park.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

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  1. Remember that you get only what you pay for!! These park improvements would encumber us with a boatload of debt unless managed wisely. We also have huge PCID and ARC projects on the drawing board, promising both more debt and more density unless, again, we handle both wisely. We need to decide how much we want to pay, over what period of time, for which projects, and in what sequence.–Tom Reilly

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