This article was reported and written by Sam Wimpfheimer, a student at the Galloway School.

Adele Stolovitz
Weber School, senior

In school, Adele Stolovitz sets an example for her fellow students as a peer leader.  Outside the classroom, she helps teach patrons of the Fernbank Museum of Natural History about the natural world.
As a freshman at Weber, Adele felt somewhat lost, she said.  Fortunately, she found a peer leader to guide her through her first year.  The school’s peer leaders, juniors and seniors, help underclassmen ease into high school and find their ways.
Once she was a senior herself, Adele applied for the position. Teachers at Weber evaluate each student who applies for peer leadership and vote on whether they believe the student is fit to be a peer leader. They thought Adele would make a fine one.
“Adele is an exceptional leader who is quietly confident, resourceful and sincere,” said Rebecca McCullough, Weber’s director of marketing. “She shines as a peer leader, where she embraces her responsibilities as a mentor and advisor to new students.”
Outside of school, Adele is among 80 students in the Atlanta area to volunteer for the Ultimate Naturalist Program at the Fernbank Science Museum.  As part of her job, she strolls around the museum with a cart dedicated to a subject from the natural world. Sometimes she runs the whale cart, sometimes the sea-and-space cart.  In the future, she hopes to continue her work in a museum.  Adele says she would love to work specifically with classical history or art history.
While she’s been volunteering at Fernbank for two years, Adele has been playing volleyball for six.  She started playing in sixth grade, she said, and hasn’t stopped since.  While she’s been a member of school teams for the entire six years, she dedicated even more of her schedule to the sport, playing club volleyball for two years of high school.  For this past season and the one before, her varsity team went undefeated, combining for 18-0 over the two seasons.

What’s Next:
Adele applied to several colleges. Her top choices are Barnard College, George Washington University and New York University. She hopes to study history wherever she goes, so she can work in a museum after college.

Joe Earle

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