A chart of the complete results of the survey.
A chart of the complete results of the survey.

As the presidential candidates rolled out of New Hampshire and headed for primaries in South Carolina on Feb. 20 (Republicans) and Feb. 27 (Democrats) and Georgia and other states on March 1, no single contender claimed the majority of the support in a cellphone-based survey of 200 adults in Reporter Newspapers communities.

In the survey, conducted by mobile market research company 1Q for Springs Publishing, parent company of the Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta INtown, Democrat Bernie Sanders received the most support, with backing from 24 percent of the respondents. Sanders’ Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, followed at 19 percent. Republican Marco Rubio drew backing from 12 percent of the respondents, while fellow Republican Donald Trump was favored by 10 percent. No other Republicans drew double-digit support. Fourteen percent of the respondents answered, “I don’t plan to vote in the primary.”

A graph showing how various demographic groups gave various percentages of support to the top candidates.

The political affiliation of those responding to the survey was 30.5 percent Democratic, 21 percent Republican, 28.5 percent independent and 19.5 percent “other.”

1Q is an Atlanta-based startup that has developed a technology which sends questions and surveys to a cellphone via app or text message from businesses and organizations across the country. Respondents are paid 50 cents per answer, through PayPal, for sharing their opinions. Payments may also be donated directly to charity. Sign up to be included in our local community polls at 1Q.com/reporter or by texting REPORTER to 86312.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.