From Sandy Springs police reports dated Feb. 5 through Feb. 12

The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


200 block of Devonwood Drive — A report that someone entered a residence and took some jewelry and handbags. Point of entry was a window forced open.

6800 block of Roswell Road — A 53-year old man said he was in his apartment around 8:30 p.m. He walked out of his bedroom to find a man standing in the living room holding a plastic tray containing the resident’s wallet and keys to his car and house. The man took off out the patio door that was open. The resident chased but could not catch up to the man, who abandoned the stolen items while running. He was described as a slim male.

1100 block of Marsh Trail Court — The resident said someone entered through an unlocked window. They took a .40 caliber Taurus, a Smith and Wesson .357 revolver, Smith and Wesson M&P 15 AR-15 long rifle, and ammunition to fit all three weapons.

5900 block of Riverside Drive —The resident said someone entered the home through a bedroom window. Missing are pieces of jewelry, clothing and weapons. The victim said a report had been filed in Alpharetta a couple of weeks ago when a purse was taken from a restaurant. She thinks that it could be the same people.

9700 block of Roberts Drive —The resident said several Native American artifacts were taken from the residence. He said he was home during the night with the exception of around 10:30 a.m. to noon on Feb. 2. The home has an alarm but it was not on. There was no forced entry.

500 block of Dalrymple Road —The resident said she found a back door open and evidence someone had entered. She reported a number of silver-plated and real silver goblets were taken.

700 block of Johnson Ferry Road — A 70-inch TV was stolen from an office.

4800 block of Lake Forrest Drive — The resident returned home and found two suspects leaving his home in a gold SUV. The suspects were two males, one with a beard and a ‘beanie.’ Several items including a TV and X-Box Game System were missing.

5000 block of Whitner Drive — The resident said he returned home and found someone had forced entry to the home by way of a rear door and window. Silver and jewelry were reported missing.

7000 block of Riverside Drive –The resident said he found a patio door open and garage door raised. Several outdoor tools were missing.


5700 block of Roswell Road — A man reported he was sitting in front of a gas station on Roswell Road. He was awakened by a man whom he knew as “Gonzo” who was going through his pockets, taking approximately $3. This is technically a robbery.


300 Johnson Ferry Road — A 79-year old resident of an assisted living facility said someone stole a gold chain, valued at $450. She said she suspects someone but would not reveal his or her name.

1100 block Perimeter Center West — A man said he either lost or had his wallet pickpocketed. His Discover card was soon used at a local convenience store.

7500 block of Roswell Road — A 25-year old woman said she went to a pizza restaurant, left her phone on the counter, remembered it, and when she returned the phone was gone. Later, she called the number and someone answered it but didn’t speak. She said she heard a male voice in the background. She activated the GPS but the phone was off. Later, she did it again and the phone was on. The locations included the Legends of Dunwoody Apartments at 7600 Roswell Road, and River Court Parkway.

1400 block of Summit Springs Drive — A 35-year old woman said she had her ex-boyfriend over to work with him on his resume. She stepped away from the living room and during this time, she thinks he took her debit card from a living room drawer. She said he knew she kept it there. She was contacted the following day by a bank on Ralph David Abernathy Drive in Atlanta and told that someone tried to use the card to withdraw $200 but they used the wrong PIN. They made several more attempts, all unsuccessful, until the card was placed on fraud alert.

6690 Roswell Road – At a gym, a man said his Gucci watch was taken from his locker. The locker was locked at the time but apparently forced open.

6315 Roswell Road —A 56-year old woman reported that someone took her wallet from her purse while she shopped at a big-box store. Video shows a male seen walking near her, reaching in her purse, but does not come away with anything. She walked from one side of the aisle to the other. The same man covers his arm with a sweatshirt, reaches in, and takes the wallet. He is described as 5-feet 10-inches wearing a red shirt and jeans.

600 block of Willow Creek Drive — An apartment resident said jewelry from two boxes had gone missing. She suspects the apartment maintenance person who was in to fix the toilet. The record shows he was in the home for 18 minutes and left a note for her. Once she discovered the theft, she contacted the leasing office and was told that the maintenance person in question had resigned. If you schedule a visit by a contractor or even house cleaning visits, put your good stuff away, out of sight, locked up, or whatever, to minimize the opportunity for sticky fingers. Those items that should be stored in preparation of a contractor’s visit include: weapons; jewelry; portable electronics such as iPads, iPhones; time machines, small farm livestock, whatever.       

6500 block of Wright Road — Someone stole a 7×12 homemade trailer with two X-Mark walk-behind mowers on it. The thieves gained access to the victim’s unlocked truck and moved it back some 12 feet in order to gain access to the trailer.

Finchley Court – A bicycle taken from the carport.

4920 Roswell Road — A grocery store employee said a man requested two cartons of Newports. The employee was briefly distracted by another employee, at which time the suspect grabbed the cigarettes and ran out the door. He is described as being about 5-feet 9-inches

Thefts from Vehicles

41 thefts from vehicles were reported between Feb. 5 and Feb. 12.


Royer Place — Police were called to the home on a car crash, reportedly into the side of a building. When officers arrived, they found one man seriously injured and another who had been stabbed in the hand. From what detectives learned, an argument ensued over money owed. A male behind the wheel of the car was stabbed in the hand by the man standing outside the driver’s door. The driver put the car in gear. The man outside the car held onto it but fell and was partially run over by the car. He was taken to Grady in serious condition. The other man was taken to Northside with non-life-threatening injuries.

A 22-year old server at a sports bar said that on Feb. 7 at around 10:30 p.m. she was working and was in the process of collecting payment from three men on a tab of $43. One of the men said his wallet was in the car and asked if she would accompany him and the others to the car to get his money. When they arrived at the car, one of the men pushed her down while the others jumped in. All three fled in an older model sedan. She did get the tag number. The assault is under investigation.

6075 Roswell Road — A 30-year old female reported that while at a nightclub, she was assaulted by an acquaintance whom she knew through her cousin. She said she was in the restroom speaking to the suspect, catching up on old times, when she was assaulted by the woman. She was grabbed from behind, hair pulled, punched and knocked to the ground before the staff came in and broke it up. Both were removed from the club. The victim said she wants to pursue charges.

A woman said she would not give her husband gas money. He punched, kicked, and choked her. An arrest warrant taken and active for the husband, who fled.

A woman argued with her husband for not picking up the kids on time. The woman was choked and her lip cut. The husband was arrested.


A 32-year-old man reported that he and his girlfriend ended their relationship. He went to her work to get his car keys back. Instead of giving them back or speaking to him, according to the complainant, she called the police. Later, someone created a Facebook page in his name and immediately contacted his work associates. The person then sent nude photos of the complainant to those work associates. According to the complainant, she was the only one who had access to his nude photos. He had the FB account deleted and told the officer that he wants the harassment to stop and photos deleted.

300 block of Winding River Drive — Officers responded to Winding River Drive on a shots-fired call. They spoke to a man who said he and his family were in their apartment when a bullet passed through and embedded into the opposite wall. Another resident said she heard five to seven gunshots, saw her rear patio door shatter as another bullet entered her room and went  into a wall. Another juvenile resident said she looked out her apartment window and saw a red 4-door sedan make a sharp U-turn, stop, then she heard gunshots coming from the direction of the car, which then took off. No one was injured.

A driver on Roswell Road at Dalrymple Road said another driver swerved into his lane, then drove alongside at which time the driver showed a black handgun. Tag was obtained and is being followed up.

A woman reported that while at work at a medical facility she wears a mask due to the fact she had not had a flu shot. She said a patient at the doctor’s office began a conversation regarding this and then tapped her buttocks with his cane and she wanted to report this conduct because her employer did nothing about it.

A 33-year old woman reported that she began receiving text messages from someone whom she does not know and was not familiar with the phone number. The messages included the following:

 Trick or Treat, the Halloween Man is in your home.

 This is Fox News Channel. Your home will be interviewed by the press about your education garbage.

 The aliens are approaching your home.

 We have your debit card and access to your car.

She said she has not experienced any activity on her card and has no idea who this is. Information was given to her regarding how to block calls and configure spam.

6955 Roswell Road — Firefighters and police officers were called to a fire just before 8 pm. Visible flames were seen coming from the corner of the condo when the fire units arrived. It was quickly extinguished. The resident was not at home. A juvenile witness said he saw two young males run from the location just before the fire could be seen. The case is under investigation by the SSFD Arson Unit.


A man paid $2,500 for a Honda Passport but couldn’t get a title due to a title company’s lien on it. Apparently the seller didn’t use the money to pay the loan and the seller won’t answer his phone. How do you check for a lien? It should be listed on the title. Get and check the paperwork (title and registration) on the car and the seller. Get the VIN off the car and compare to the paperwork. Liens are listed on the DMV registration files.

A woman said the man who filed her taxes electronically sent them to IRS with false deductions. He modified them but they still contained false information. She has asked IRS to investigate


200 block of Northwood Drive — An officer was in the area looking for a wanted person. The area is known for drug use and so it was no surprise to the officer when he walked into an apartment laundry room, three male occupants of the room hastily put their clothes together and immediately walked out. The three walked to a gas station on Northwood and Roswell. The officer, after not being able to find the wanted person, followed them to the station. He stopped two of them to talk and while doing so, smelled marijuana. As he talked to them, one of the men bolted and ran across the street. The officer followed across to an apartment complex, finally catching up to him. He said the man had a bag in his hand but ditched it when he briefly left sight of the officer. The man was charged with disorderly conduct.

Roswell and Northridge Roads — Following a traffic stop, an officer smelled marijuana on the driver. She said she had just smoked a joint and retrieved the remains for the officer. He then spoke to the male passenger and checked the man on the computer which revealed he had three felony warrants on him for possession of an illegal shotgun, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, and possession of a schedule IV controlled substance. The officer confirmed the identity of the man, the validity of the warrants and arrested him. During the arrest, the officer recovered a little over a gram of cocaine from the man. The man said he would take “the fall” for the marijuana but the cocaine, which, incidentally was in his pants, was not his. He then said that the pants and underwear he was wearing at the time were not his either.

7700 block of Roswell Road – Cops were called to a location regarding a drunk man with his pants down. They found the man easily identified by his pants resting at his ankles. He was urinating while leaning on the side of a building. Once completed, he attempted to walk towards the officer but that didn’t work out due to his drunken condition and the location of his pants. He was arrested.

6075 Roswell Road — An officer driving through the parking lot adjacent to a nightclub located a female in the process of urinating on the sidewalk. She was later cited for urinating in public.

8725 Roswell Road – Security officers at a grocery store detained a pregnant woman who stole makeup by concealing it in her purse. She spoke no English. Her husband was called and translated for her. During her time in custody, she suffered what appeared to be an asthma episode and was seen by paramedics. She was later released pending a court date.

5900 block of Roswell Road — Cops arrested a man who was panhandling for money as well as making lewd sexual comments to females in and around the area of a fast food restaurant. The man already had a criminal trespass warning issued at a nearby coffee shop. He was arrested.

7525 Roswell Road – Grocery store security officers stopped a man who had taken Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine and ibuprofen and had placed the items in a computer bag, and then left without paying. He was cited on a copy of charges and ordered to appear in court on shoplifting.

A patrol car stopped a car on Northridge and Roswell Road after the driver tossed a cigarette butt out the window, which is littering. Running the tag, the information on the driver was that he had a suspended license for not having insurance and a DUI. The man said he was driving to a hospital due to his girlfriend’s father’s complications after surgery. He told the officer the car behind him was accompanying him and could verify the story. The officer spoke to the other driver who said they left work and stopped by a doughnut shop to talk about work—while having dinner. The officer realized that the “urgency” of the story was maybe embellished a bit and so the driver was arrested on the suspended license.

8359 Roswell Road — Security officers at a grocery store called the police to report a drunken man walked into the store, panhandling and harassing customers, so they kicked him out. He walked to a nearby store, where he swiped some food items totaling just over $6. He was spotted coming out of the store by the responding officer. He was arrested.

Lake Island Drive — A resident returned to his home and saw that another man, whom he did not know, was coming out of it. The man, now suspect, ran to his 2005 BMW-Z4, which was parked in the driveway, and sped away across the resident’s, now victim’s, yard. The victim then followed in his car while calling it in to the 911 center. A patrol officer observed the suspect’s car and got it pulled over around the 5900 block of Powers Ferry Road. The suspect had a crowbar inside his car and a piece of paper with several addresses of home that were vacant and/or for sale, including the home he had just burglarized. The suspect was arrested for burglary. It appears that nothing was taken from the home, but a side doorway had been damaged and was the point of entry for the suspect.

5570 Roswell Road – At a discount department store, a man tried to steal disposable underwear and a sweater. The man fled in one of the store’s electric carts. Security officers “caught up” and shut the power off. He was arrested.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.