A Glock 43 9mm handgun.

The Dunwoody City Coucil approved Feb. 22 to trade the police department’s 48 Glock 36 .45 caliber back-up pistols for 48 Glock 43 9mm back-up pistols at no cost to the city.

The current weapons, valued at $15,3840, will be traded for the same amount for the new weapons through Ed’s Public Safety located in Stockbridge, Ga. The only additional cost is $2,000 for new holsters to be taken out of the police department budget, according to the police department.

Dunwoody Police Major David Barnes explained to council members that more and more law enforcement agencies have transitioned back to 9 mm weapons.

“This initially stemmed from a 2014 FBI ballistics study and the agencies adoption of the 9mm for its agents. The new breed of 9mm ammunition can deliver similar performance as a .40 or .45 caliber pistol without the heavier felt recoil and accelerated wear (on both pistol and shooter), and at a more affordable price,” Barnes wrote in a memo to council members.

“The agencies that have switched back to the 9mm pistol have also taken an honest look at the physical characteristics of their personnel, and have accepted that law enforcement officers no longer come in just one size,” Barnes added. “There are many officers with smaller hands and shorter fingers who find it difficult to reach the controls on larger caliber pistols with their corresponding larger frames. This is especially true for the smaller back-up pistols like our Glock 36.”

Glock 36

Reasons Barnes listed to replace 48 Glock 36 .45 caliber back-up pistols with the 48 Glock 43 9mm pistols include:

  • The Glock 43 is significantly smaller and lighter.
  • 9mm ammunition has been determined by the FBI to be just as effective as .40 or.45 caliber.
  • More officers would carry the Glock 43 off-duty as it is much more concealable and comfortable to carry.
  • Officers will be more accurate with a 9mm back-up gun than with the .45 caliber.
  • Both training and duty ammunition are less expensive than .45 caliber.
  • Able to transition without cost due to the current value of Glock 36.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.