A bird's-eye view of the future Mercedes-Benz USA headquarters in a new illustration. (Special)
A bird’s-eye view of the future Mercedes-Benz USA headquarters in a new illustration. (Special)

Mercedes-Benz USA on March 2 released the first drawings of its forthcoming new headquarters building at Abnerathy and Barfield roads in Sandy Springs.

The glass-walled, 225,000-square-foot building reflects the company’s new collaborative workspace style. In comments to the Sandy Springs/Perimeter Chamber of Commerce last fall, former MBUSA president and CEO Steve Cannon explained that “open-floor, transparent” style and architecture.

“I said to the architects, ‘Build a building around a town hall concept,’” where employees can quickly and easily gather for full, collaborative meetings, Cannon said. “The cubicle culture…that’s going away.”

MBUSA says construction on the new headquarters will begin this spring and continue into early 2018. MBUSA is temporarily headquartered in a Dunwoody office building.

Another new rendering of the future Mercedes-Benz USA headquarters.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

4 replies on “Mercedes-Benz USA releases images of new Sandy Springs headquarters”

  1. Cannon is gone. Countless people from NJ lost their jobs and incompetent, new grads, are now ruining a great company in Atlanta. But, the corporate building will have lots of glass! Way to go MBUSA and Cannon. What a disgrace.

  2. How beautiful … standing on what SHOULD have been a treasured and p r o t e c t e d piece of Sandy Springs history and heritage.

    My my how we are led … by those who have little if any respect for OUR community and history ! No backbone either …

    We, that’s our city council, gave and gave to a company that laughs at (the weak leadership of) our City. Does it bother only me that MERCEDES BENZ TELLS ITS EMPLOYEES TO “BUY HOMES IN EAST COBB COUNTY because the schools are better …”?

    Personally I’ve had it with drunk on new tax dollar leadership that simply does not have the courage, or the care, to protect our children (or our property values) and FIX THE SCHOOLS while laughing at “us” the tax paying citizens ! Thank God each day for complacency and apathy City Council … its gotten you this far !!!!

  3. You’ll have plenty of time to view this structure as you sit in the traffic exacerbated by its building…..AND you can collaborate with the driver “parked” next to you on Abernathy…how convenient…..

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