From police reports dated from March 20 through April 2

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 Precinct of the Atlanta Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.


2100 block of Peachtree Road NW – On March 21, in the early morning, two employees of a popular steakhouse restaurant told police they were approached by two armed men while taking out the trash after the business closed. The gunmen wore masks, took the employees’ cellphones and wanted to know how many people were inside.

The armed men then took the employees back into the restaurant and forced them to sit against a back wall with another employee who had been cleaning in the back of the restaurant. The armed men then made the other employees lie down on the floor and told the manager to bag up the money made that day. One suspect was watching the employees while the other held a gun to the manager’s head. The suspects also demanded cash from the drop box, but the manager said she did not have access to it.

The employees told police while one suspect was gathering the money in the office, the other was confiscating their cellphones.  The suspects collected $2,500 from the safe and $8,000 from the day’s earnings. They fled the scene in a dark SUV.

3300 block of Peachtree Road NE – A man leaving a popular mall on Peachtree Street said two men in a black SUV and allegedly members of the Bloods gang pulled alongside him and asked him if he was a member of the PIRU gang. He told them he was and they invited him into the SUV to smoke marijuana.

After some time, the PIRU gang member got out of the car to use a vending machine and the SUV pulled off and then came back. The two men in the SUV got out and placed the other man in a chokehold, pulled a handgun on him and robbed him of an iPhone 6, a Samsung Galaxy 6 and $3,000 in cash.

2500 block of Ridgewood Terrace NW – On the evening of March 3, a man was robbed on the porch of his house and the gunman threatened to shoot him. The man’s MacBook Pro was taken from his lap.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road – During the day of March 30, a gunman with an open umbrella that he used to block security cameras robbed a bank. He also stole the employees’ keys and raided their cars.

3200 block of Lenox Road – On April 1, in the morning, a man who was making a food delivery was robbed and stabbed in the hand after trying to fight off an assailant.

2600 block of Piedmont Road NE – On March 30, in the evening, a business was robbed by a man with a gun.

Aggravated assault

1700 block of Northside Drive – On the evening of March 25, a man told police he was walking in a parking lot and noticed three men entering his vehicle. He yelled, “Hey!” at the men and they fled on foot through the parking deck. The man said he pursued the three men in the direction of Bellemeade Avenue, but the tallest man turned around and fired three shots in his direction, so he gave up pursuit. A witness saw a silver SUV with no tag speed out of the deck.
Residential Burglary

1700 block of Paran Road NW – On March 23, during the day, the rear door of a house was kicked in and a change jar and revolver were stolen. Pry marks were found on the patio door.

1000 block of Huff Road NW – During the day on March 23, the deadbolt to the front door of an apartment was damaged. A flat-screen TV, men’s jewelry, a leather storage box, car keys, fire safe, iPad 2 and coins were taken.

2800 block of Morningside Drive NW – On March 24, in the evening, a man told police he returned home to find his storage shed doors open. A lawn mower, golf shoes, leaf blower, golf bag and weed eater were missing.

5100 block of Brookwood Valley Circle – A woman told police that on an unknown date and time she left her apartment and when she came back she discovered the front door unlocked. She said a Samsung Galaxy 6 was taken. She also told police she has a male friend who accesses the apartment from time to time.

4300 block of Garmon Road NW – A woman told police she regularly checked in on this unoccupied house. But on an unknown day and time someone removed wooden panels, Corian countertop, six wooden doors, light fixtures, faucets, two refrigerators, a  microwave, stove and vent system.

200 block of Hillside Drive NW – On March 31, during the day, someone pried open the rear window of a house. Silverware, jewelry, ACER laptops, golf clubs and $3,000 cash were taken.

2100 block of Main Street NW – On March 31, during the evening, a side window of a house was broken and the screen cut. A 55-inch Vizio flat-screen TV was stolen. The owner’s pit bull dog also was taken. The dog was found later, wandering the street, and was returned to its home.

1100 block of Angelo Court NE – On March 31, during the day, the rear door of a house was damaged and someone entered and stole a laptop, jewelry, rolls of coins and a 17-caliber pistol.

700 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard – On April 2, a man reported to police that he hired a company to repair his apartment that had been damaged by fire. He said items were disposed of and documented during the process for safety reasons. After the work was completed, he reported missing from his home: a Social Security card, leather jewelry box, a Coach wallet, a signed Mickey Mantle baseball, a U.S. Passport, a 14-karat gold enamel blue ladies’ watch, a custom 14-karat gold polo pin, a pearl fish necklace, a Russian enamel Easter egg and miscellaneous other jewelry items.

Commercial burglary

3400 block of Northside Parkway – On the morning of March 22, a man said while he was inside a chain pharmacy he heard loud banging coming from the front door. He said he became alarmed and ran out of the back of the store while calling 911. Video surveillance shows two men backing a silver Dodge minivan up to the front door of the business, shattering it, and then unsuccessfully attempting to remove the ATM machine. The men went to the cash registers but there was no money in the drawers. They then grabbed a red iPad and fled.

3700 block of Roswell Road NE – On the morning of March 22, an officer heard an alarm coming from a business and saw a silver Chrysler 200 leaving the shopping center. Glass was broken at a drycleaner and a pizza restaurant. A witness told police three men broke into the businesses. A keyholder for the cleaners said $400 was taken from the cash register and a computer had been taken.

1600 Marietta Road – On an unknown day and time, entry was made into an industrial site by cutting through a fence and using bolt cutters to open a bolted door. A Chevrolet work truck, truck batteries, six grinders and a computer monitor were taken. Surveillance footage of the incident was captured.

1300 Northside Drive – On April 2, in the morning, three storage units were broken into. Taken from one of the units: a Samsung Smart TV, Playstation 4 and 14 pairs of Jordan shoes. Taken from another unit: two RCA 42-inch flat-screen TVs. Taken from the third unit: a Krog music keyboard, Nedy music amplifier and miscellaneous clothing items.

Management said surveillance footage showed a suspicious vehicle driving on the property. They also said a man had rented a unit several days before the burglaries but never placed any items in it, even though his access code showed several activations for access to the property. They believe he rented a unit solely to acquire an access code.

4900 block of Plasters Avenue NE – On March 30, during the morning, officers responded to a silent alarm and found the front glass of a business smashed. Surveillance footage of suspects stealing cigarettes was captured.

Larceny from vehicle

From March 20-April 2, 76 larcenies from vehicles were reported. There were 66 other larcenies reported, including shoplifting, reported between March 20-April 2.

Auto Theft

Between March 20-April 2, 22 auto thefts were reported.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.