Two new parks, a trail system, and various roadway and sidewalk improvements are among 10 possible projects the city of Sandy Springs might fund in its fiscal year 2017 budget.

A plan to beautify the Ga. 400/Northridge Road interchange with landscaping is among Sandy Springs’ possible fiscal 2017 projects.

The city likely can’t afford all of the projects on the capital improvement project list, which was included in a first-draft budget presentation delivered at an April 26 City Hall workshop. The final list will be prioritized by ballot-style votes on the list made by Mayor Rusty Paul and City Council members.

The budget will be the subject of further workshops and City Council meetings leading up a June 21 approval.

The possible capital projects for fiscal 2017 include:

Abernathy Greenway park extension, $400,000

Sandy Springs Tennis Center new roof, $260,000

Hammond Park playground resurfacing, $100,000

Crooked Creek Park and trail construction, $200,000

Windsor Meadows Park construction, $200,000

“City Gateway” roadway beautification: north Roswell Road medians and Ga. 400/Northridge Road interchange landscaping: $500,000

Sidewalk installations around the city: $500,000

Various intersection improvements: $500,000

Traffic signal improvements: $750,000

Bike/pedestrian trail plan design and implementation: $500,000

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

One reply on “2 new parks among many possible Sandy Springs FY ’17 projects”

  1. Aesthetics are wonderful but, I am a s t o u n d e d that these “leaders” bask in their cowardice and simply will not admit that SCHOOLS are abysmal and NEED attention and leadership.

    I never thought I would have to beg on behalf of my children in Sandy Springs but, FAMILIES SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO PRIVATELY EDUCATE THEIR CHILDREN and your reckless abandon and care less attitude forces us to do just that. SHAME, shame, shame on ALL of you (“leaders”) !!!

    PLEASE Mr. Mayor and City Council : Summon just an iota of respect for the populace and, the children who would play in and enjoy our wonderful parks – P L E A S E !!!

    Do something that will make a real difference … TAKE THE SCHOOLS FROM FULTON COUNTY give our children a chance. They deserve it, the City CAN do it and, we have paid for it !!!!!

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