The Brookhaven City Council will be presented with a bid for the character zoning project put into motion in February perhaps in late May or early June.

Community Development Director Ben Song said RFPs for the project have been out since March and the final due date is Friday, April 29. He said staff would review the applicants and then select the best choice and bring to council for final approval.

Brookhaven city officials decided in February they should gather residents for new discussions of the 13 “character areas” outlined in the city’s plan, which was adopted in 2014. City officials want more detailed information after residents at recent public gatherings said they felt they had been left out of the original process of drawing up the plan.

Brookhaven’s character areas. Click to enlarge.

The five character areas with recommended residential densities and building heights designated within their character areas and deemed suitable for mixed-use development are Perimeter Center, Blackburn Park Neighborhood Center, Peachtree Center Overlay District, Lenox Park and Buford Highway Corridor.

The eight character areas include existing residential density and and predominantly single-family residential neighborhoods: the Lakes District, Lynwood Park, Osborne, Historic Brookhaven, Ashford Park-Drew Valley, Brookhaven Fields-Brookhaven Heights and Roxboro, and Briarwood Park which is comprised largely of townhomes and condominiums.

A planned rewrite of the city’s zoning code would be delayed until after the reworking of the comprehensive plan.

The city is looking for a company to come in to facilitate community meetings on the character areas to determine specific zoning needs and for the project to be completed in six months, according to the request for proposal.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.