The buy-out of an entire residential street for a large mixed-use project on Pill Hill is not a done deal, even though the plan is on a community meeting agenda this month, according to a resident who said she has not agreed to sell her mansion there.

A Fulton County property records map of Clementstone Drive, with Andjela Kessler’s 970 Clementstone property highlighted in red.

Developer Richmond Honan aims to redevelop residential Clementstone Drive in Sandy Springs into a mixed-use project fronting on the Glenridge Connector and aims to present an early plan to the High Point Civic Association on May 18. Joe Cannon of KW Commercial Atlanta Perimeter, the developer’s real estate broker, indicated in a previous interview and to civic association member Bill Gannon that all homeowners agreed to the buy-out and that a rezoning application for the “entire street” would be filed “in the near future.”

But Andjela Kessler said that she and at least two other Clementstone homeowners have not agreed to sell. Kessler said she was unaware the plan was moving forward or that it was being presented to the civic association.

“I have not signed to sell my property,” said Kessler, who lives at 970 Clementstone. “I have not talked to [the developers] in a long time…I thought it was off. I thought they were no longer interested.”

Cannon declined to comment on the project’s status in response to Kessler’s comments, though he indicated more information should be available in a couple of weeks. Richmond Honan did not immediately return a phone call. Gannon at the High Point Civic Association said the plan remains on the group’s May 18 agenda.

Kessler said she bought the Clementstone house in 1980 and extensively renovated it to resemble a mansion on the Adriatic Sea owned by her grandfather, who served as prime minister of the former Yugoslavia during World War II. She brought in architects and masons from that area to give the house an authentic look, she said.

“So it’s a very historic house to me…I can’t really replace that,” she said, adding that she would like to leave it to her children. “It would be extremely painful for me to leave there.”

Kessler said the developer more than a year ago made an offer for her property that she found “very much unacceptable.” But among residents who have not agreed to sell, she said, there is concern of ending up with adjacent property redeveloped into commercial uses. “The attitude is, if we are forced to go, we will sign,” Kessler said. “People are scared to be forced out of it, in a sense.”

Cannon previously said that Richmond Honan’s general concept for the redevelopment involves retail space fronting on the Glenridge Connector, along with senior housing and possibly some doctor’s offices, and “extremely high-end luxury homes” on the southern section. Clementstone would be wholly or partly blocked off and a new main roadway would be created intersecting with the Glenridge Connector across from Meridian Mark Drive.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. Good for you, Andjela Kessler!! Developers all too often rely on scare tactics and peer pressure to try and get their way. Thank you for having the courage to do what is right for you and for Sandy Springs!!–Tom Reilly

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