Taken from Sandy Springs police reports dated from April 2 to April 13.

The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its reports and is presumed to be accurate.


4200 block of Spring Creek Lane – On April 2, a 20-year old woman said she met a man on the dating app called “Tinder.” She agreed to meet him on Spring Creek Drive Apartments. The two walked towards the back of the building when he pulled a weapon and took $460 from her. He is described 6-feet, 280 pounds and bald. The suspect had a gun with a wooden handle. He may have left in a Dodge Charger. Detectives are pulling the information on the app to see if they can find and identify a lead on the suspect. The woman was not injured.


200 block of Elden Drive – On April 3 someone entered a home by cutting door hinges. A gas stove and microwave were taken.

4000 block of Dudley Lane – On April 6 at a new construction site, a basement window was broken and entered. A refrigerator, HVAC units as well as copper piping are missing.

8700 block of Roswell Road – On April 11,  a person reported a burglar forced entry to the vacant business next door and then into his via a wall. The man was on video and described as male and wearing a two-tone hooded jacket and white shoes.

4000 block of Dudley Lane – On April 11, the complainant reported that a home, currently unoccupied, was entered and several items were taken, including a refrigerator, lumber, two planters, a Husqvama backpack blower, chainsaw, and other renovation supplies.

6300 block of PDR – On April 12, a laptop was stolen from an office during the overnight hours. The suspect apparently pulled open exterior doors, then made his way up a flight a stairs to the second floor, where he located and took the laptop.


Kenbrook Drive – On April 2, a 19-year old said his cellphone was stolen from his home.

Glenridge Point Parkway – On April 2, a man said he had a check, contained in an envelope, in his pocket that had been mailed to him. He said he later discovered the check and envelope fell out. He retraced his steps and found the envelope. It had been opened and the check was gone.

6600 block of Roswell Road – On April 3, someone cut the lock from the victim’s locker at a gym. They took a 22-inch rope chain and pendant.

A 49-year old woman reported she was shopping at a grocery store on Northridge and accidentally left her purse in a shopping cart. She returned to the store and was told someone turned it in—minus $50 cash. They said the woman who turned the purse in was a female 5-foot 9-inches and about 110 pounds with long brown hair, dark pants and a white top.

Churchhill Drive – On April 8, a man reported his garden hose stolen. He said he saw a man in his driveway around 4:30 a.m.

1100 block of Mt. Vernon Hwy – On April 11, a 43-year old man reported that someone went into his unlocked locker at a gym and took a backpack with his laptop, Bentley key ring, Mercedes wallet credit and debit cards and an iPhone6 Plus. The theft occurred between 7-9 pm.

8900 block of Carroll Manor Drive – On April 12, a man reported his IRS refund was stolen from his mailbox.

A man reported that he was given power of attorney over an elderly woman and found that her housekeeper had written several checks, amounting to over $8000, from her account over several years.

Auto Thefts

There were 7 auto thefts reported from April 2 through April 5. From April 11 and April 13, there were 11 thefts from autos reported.


A man victim reported on April 2 that his Social Security number was used to file taxes.

On April 2, employees of a fast food restaurant said someone passed a counterfeit $20 at the drive-up window. Cops were called. When they arrived, they spoke to the man who showed receipts that he had withdrawn $8,000 from his bank. The officers checked the money and it appeared valid. The $20 bill was placed in evidence and the man was released.

A 29-year old woman reported her MasterCard information had been copied and used for $504.

A 30-year old woman reported that while at a bowling alley on Roswell Road, she used a credit card to pay for games. She believes she forgot to retrieve the card. An employee said they found one and left it on the front desk. Someone took the card, using it at the Roswell Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting Goods in Marietta a short time later.

6700 block of Roswell Road – On April 4, a company executive reported that an office manager used a company credit card for personal purchases including Jet’s Pizza, Target, Kroger, Metlife Auto and Home, Comcast, Georgia Power and a child-care facility. The officer manager since failed to show for work (we call that a clue) and has not been seen. The case was turned over to detectives.

A 43-year old woman reported that she was on the job website care.com and communicated with someone using the name Mary Roberts who offered her a job. The woman received a check for $2,650 which she deposited. The bank notified her that the check was fraudulent and her account was frozen.

Normally the bad person wants the victim to use some of the money for office supplies and send the bulk of the money on to a third party before the bank can determine the fraud. In this case, she did not forward a check on. Remember: Any up front money that involves you sending money on to others is a sign that it may be totally bogus.

On April 11, a man reported that someone used his personal information to obtain medical services at Northside Hospital.

On April 13, a man reported that Turbo Tax confirmed his tax refund. The victim uses Turbo Tax but had not yet filed.

A woman reported on April 13 that several checks were deposited into her account from a bedding company. She froze the account before payouts could be made on them.

5900 block of Spring Creek Lane – On April 13, a woman began work with “World Outreach Christian Church” in New York, for one week. Her pay was $400 for that week. She was sent a check for $4720 and told by her contact in NY to take the $400 and then send the balance to a separate account in California. She told her husband who recognized this as a scam and contacted the police before she deposited the check.


On April 3, a man reported he was driving on Ga. 400 north when a black Ford sedan cut him off. He drove around the car, then the car drove up even with his. He said he thinks he heard gunshots and thinks he saw a gun pointed from a slightly opened car window on the suspect’s car.

A 17-year-old male told cops that he was corresponding with a female, via computer, when at some point she suggested she get nude and he do the same. She did and he did, from the waist down. At one point the guy realized he was being recorded. Later that day he received a phone call from a male (overseas number) who told him that he would post those nudies on Facebook if he did not send money. The guy wired $350 and then $880 to the extortion guy. He called the police after the man called him again wanting $2,500.

You realize of course this is not the first time this has happened. Keep them up guys—your pants that is.


A patrol officer stopped a car on Northwood Drive just after noon April 2. The car was a low-rider with a suspension too low for legal requirements. The driver was too stoned for legal requirements too hence the cloud of smoke, ala Cheech and Chong, coming from the window sitting well below the officers line of sight. The driver was arrested for possession of marijuana.

8300 block Roswell Road – On April 2, police responded to a domestic-argument call. One of the parties showed to be wanted in Spalding County for Felony Theft by Conversion. Also at the scene was a stolen car that was reported stolen last December. The woman in question was confirmed to be the one wanted and was arrested.

5900 block of Roswell Road — Store security for a department store detained a man who stole several clothing items and stuffed them down his pants. He was arrested.

Wow, the clothes should probably be burned.

4900 block of Roswell Road – On April 3 at around 1:30 a.m., officers received a call of several intoxicated women, all of whom were crying. Two crying women were on the scene when they arrived. One crying woman became increasingly louder as the officer summoned a taxi. She refused to get into the taxi but finally, both women, still crying, stumbled into the car. Before the taxi could leave, one crier got back out and the crying became louder with incoherent verbal rants about nothing in particular. She was arrested. The other stayed in the car and was driven home—while crying.

The employee of a coin laundry called police to report that two men were sleeping on the floor. The cops woke them and were told they were waiting for their clothes to dry. The clothes were gone by way of the men’s friend—according to them. They were checked on the GCIC computer and one was found to be wanted on a probation violation from Fulton County. He was arrested.

900 block of Spring Creek Lane – On April 6, cops were called to an apartment after someone called saying a woman was screaming for help, asking someone to call the police. They found the woman and a man who were arguing in the apartment.

They found that the man came home and found the woman texting another man so he took the phone from her and broke it. While the officer was in the room, the woman landed a right hook to the man’s face. The officers told both parties they were under arrest.

The woman asked to put on appropriate clothing from the closet but she took off her robe, then sat down in the closet, refusing to get up. Officers found a shirt they placed on her as she kicked and berated them. Somehow they managed to get a pair of shorts on her.

She was taken to Northside for evaluation. The male was charged with Criminal Trespass for breaking the phone.

6300 block of Roswell Road – On April 8 at a wholesale retailer, security detained a man who concealed shirts and shorts in his pants. He was detained and later arrested. (The shirts and shorts can be found on the ½ price rack.)

Men continuously remain incredibly stupid when it comes to shoplifting. They think they can put anything down their pants and walk out as if they look normal and possibly impressive. Lowe’s caught a guy once with a 12-inch circular saw, not packaged, in his pants and the guy even attempted to run. Stupid men.

Street Crimes Unit detectives spotted a man on Northwood Drive, acting suspiciously as he walked back and forth from the rear of an apartment building. The man was described as looking very nervous and frequently scanning all around him. His actions gave the appearance that he may be planning to commit a crime (like they do on TV, looking all nervous and sweaty.) They confronted him and found on him a credit card, belonging to another person, which he said he had just found and wanted to turn over to the police. (Of course sir, thank you for your good citizenship.) The other thing on him at the time was methamphetamine.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.