A supporter of Meagan Hanson has filed an ethics complaint against Catherine Bernard alleging Bernard broke state campaign laws. The two are candidates in the May 24 Republican primary for House District 80.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Will Kremer, a supporter of candidate Meagan Hanson, filed the complaint. Hanson and Bernard are facing off in the GOP primary May 24 for the House District 80 seat currently held by Democrat Taylor Bennett. Also competing in the primary is Alan Cole. All three candidates live in Brookhaven.

From the AJC: “” Kremer has canvassed for Hanson, according to the AJC.

UPDATE on May 10:

Catherine Bernard denied any wrongdoing in her campaign financing and said the “shamelessly dishonest ethics complaint” is part of the state GOP establishment trying to smear her name.

“The whole thing is made up,” she said, accusing Kremer of “shenanigans.”

“This is a huge, annoying distraction,” she said.

She also accused Kremer of being one of the “smirking, useless frat boys in the Georgia Republican Party” who are damaging the country.

“They have bet on the establishment lasting forever and are now watching it crumble,” she said, pointing to Donald  Trump’s ascendancy in the GOP as the party’s presumptive presidential candidate.

She also said Kremer, of Forsyth County, has no connection to District 80 other than Hanson.

The most recent campaign disclosures show Hanson far outpacing Bernard and Cole in fundraising.

Hanson’s latest full campaign finance report, as of March 31, showed her raising over $48,000 and having almost $36,000 cash on hand. Contributors included several political action committees as well as incumbent state representatives John Carson (Marietta), Michael Dudgeon (Johns Creek), Chuck Efstration (Dacula), Allen Peake (Macon) and Betty Price (Roswell). Among the contributing PACs were those of the American Institute of Architects Georgia, the Georgia Association of Manufacturers and Associated Builders and Contractors of Georgia.

Bernard had raised more than $14,000 and spent more than $9,700 as of the March 31 report, while Cole had raised $6,200, mostly in the form of a personal loan.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

7 replies on “Catherine Bernard target of ethics complaint in House District 80 GOP primary contest”

  1. This is ludicrous. What impresses me more than anything is about Catherine is that she has the courage of her convictions in her daily life that frankly, no one else I’ve ever met in my life has. She went to two great schools, Emory and then UVA law, meaning she could have easily gotten herself a cush, high-paying job at most any white shoe law firm she wanted. But she didn’t. She saw the injustice being unfairly meted out by our current legal system and became a public defender who thanklessly drives around all 159 counties of Georgia, taking cases no one else wants takes because our Constitution has a 6th Amendment and every defendant deserves a competent lawyer in this era of mass incarceration and for-profit prisons.

    And since she’s not the “establishment” and is a free thinker, she’s pilloried with distractions like this bogus filing 2 weeks before the election and a burglary of her office 2 days before the last election.

    It’s easy to give lip service to public service (which is what being a public defender is), but she walks that walk in her day job and is now trying to do more of that same public service in the State House of Representatives.

  2. It’s very simple Catherine- on May 11, 2014 you reimbursed yourself over $6,900 without detailing what it was for. That’s improper disclosing and you’re not letting people know exactly where those funds went. Tell us where the the money went, Catherine?

    1. Here you go, Jim – I’ll be filing an amended report ASAP, since it has been brought to my attention that in 2014 this was only reported in the aggregate reimbursement than by individual expense. More transparency is always good!

      3/31/2014 There Bar & Eatery 78.85 Food for Meet & Greet
      3/29/2014 Terminus Tees 349.8 T-shirts
      3/28/2014 Clash Graphics 259.19 Push cards
      3/27/2014 Sewell Printing 1702.37 Mailer
      3/24/2014 FedEx Office 63.43 Flyers
      3/24/2014 Office Depot 2262.3 Stamps
      3/24/2014 Verde 88.38 Volunteer food
      3/22/2014 Mellow Mushroom 24.39 Volunteer food
      3/21/2014 USPS 980 Stamps
      3/11/2014 Pour Bistro 175.89 Food for Meet & Greet
      3/8/2014 Mellow Mushroom 92.7 Volunteer food
      3/8/2014 Walmart 59.77 Office supplies
      3/1/2014 Singha Thai 25.91 Volunteer food
      Feb-14 Jo’s Grille 28.38 Volunteer food
      2/25/2014 Anchor Computer 287.06 Voter data
      2/22/2014 Mellow Mushroom 57.94 Volunteer food
      2/16/2014 Verde 60 Volunteer food
      2/6/2014 Clash Graphics 244.07 Push cards
      2/16/2014 Kroger 29.27 Volunteer food
      2/28/2014 Amazon 31.49 Office supplies
      2/27/2014 USPS 35 Stamps

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