The old Sandy Springs post office on Boylston Drive is fenced off and will be demolished soon as part of a massive mixed-use redevelopment slated to start in early 2017.

The former post office at 6094 Boylston Drive is fenced off in preparation for demolition for the Davis Development project. (Photo John Ruch)

The demolition of the 6094 Boylston post office will happen “any day…It is imminent,” said property owner Kirk Demetrops of Sandy Springs’ MidCity Real Estate Partners. It will help make way for Davis Development’s mixed-use project that will cover 4 acres between Boylston and Roswell Road with 291 apartments, commercial space and a new parking deck.

An even bigger demolition for the project will come next year, when the 7-story office building at 6075-6077 Roswell will come down after tenants’ leases expire. “When the building is vacated, [it] will go,” Demetrops said.

A Bank of America branch office already moved out of the office tower into a new building next door, which just opened last week, Demetrops said.

The Davis Development project is adjacent to another huge mixed-use project already under construction: Mill Creek Residential’s redevelopment of the former Hilderbrand Court shopping center.

Both developers are pitching in to help create a new public street between their properties, connecting Roswell and Boylston, roughly following an existing driveway. Demetrops said the post office must go for the new street.

The Boylston post office served ZIP code 30328 for decades before its retail services moved to the CityWalk shopping center several years ago. The Boylston facility continued to serve as an internal mail-handling site until it left in April. The facility moved to 6010 Sandy Springs Circle, according to U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Rick Badie.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.