From police reports dated between April 17 and April 30

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 Precinct of the Atlanta Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.


800 block of Amsterdam Ave.NE – On April 23, during the day, a woman said she was stretching before taking a run and saw a black SUV parked nearby. Three men got out of the vehicle, she said, and began walking down the sidewalk toward her. All the men were wearing dark clothing and face masks. They pointed a black-and-gray gun at her chest and demanded she give up everything she had. They forced her to lie down on the ground. Items taken were a Garmin running watch, Fitbit, iPod shuffle, and Timex GPS watch.

1400 block of Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. NW – On April 24, in the evening, a man said he and his nephew picked up a client and dropped him off at a nearby recording studio. They said the client went into the location and then returned with several other men. The men began asking about the disappearance of a smoking pen that had been in the vehicle. The man and his nephew said they had not seen a smoking pen. The group of men then began striking the man and he fled the location. He said the suspects attempted to shoot him but the gun jammed. Two iPhone 6S, an iPhone 5S, and an LG Smart phone were taken from the vehicle.

3600 block of Peachtree Rd. NE – On the morning of April 30, a man said he took an Uber from a bar, but the driver wasn’t sure where to go. The Uber driver said he dropped the man off at a gas station and the man said he then called for another Uber. A female in a car pulled up to him and he asked her if she was his driver. She said yes and then asked for his money. The man told her no, but she began grabbing his money and credit cards and then fled the scene.

 Aggravated Assault

1900 block of Piedmont Cir. NE – On April 29, during the day, an officer went to a hotel and discovered a man bleeding from several punctures over his body. The victim said he had been stabbed in the head, back and shoulders. The victim said he was stabbed after he was accused of stealing marijuana from two men.

 Residential Burglary

3500 block of Rockhaven Cir. NE – On April 17, during the day, police received a report of a burglary at a house. No force was needed to enter the house because the door was left unlocked. Surveillance footage shows a man enter the house through the rear door. He then removed a range from the countertop and left. The suspect was observed departing in a silver sedan. The surveillance footage of the incident was collected as evidence. Fingerprints were retrieved from the countertop and turned in for processing.

2100 block of Forrest Pl. NW – On April 20, in the evening, a woman said she received notification from her alarm company that there was activity detected to the master bedroom and front door. The rear bedroom window was discovered forced open. The home was cleared and no suspects were found inside. An iPad mini, HP laptop, Samsung TV, and Tumi tote bag were removed from the location. Possible tracking located on the iPad.

1400 block of Mecaslin St. NW – On April 21, during the day, a man told police he was ordered by a judge to be out of the apartment on April 28. He said that when he returned from court, he found that his apartment had been entered and all of his belonging removed. Taken were two 65-inch Samsung flat screen TVs, Gateway laptop, Xbox 360, PS4, Nike shoes, Comelera Medication, and Stribuild medication.

4000 block of Peachtree Park Dr.NE – On April 22, during the day, a woman said she saw a man inside her sun room patio. She said she screamed and that the man fled. A screen had been removed from the porch window, which is how the suspect gained entry. Nothing was taken.

2000 block of Hollywood Rd. NW – On April 19, in the evening, the rear door of a house was forced open by damaging a door lock. Three flat-screen TVs were taken.

 Residential Burglary

1400 block of W. Paces Ferry Road NW — On April 25, a woman told police she returned to her apartment and found her screen pulled off and her window open. A Vizio TV, Acer laptop, iPad, guitar, mini fridge, two motorcycle helmets, gold necklace, silver earrings, passport, Xbox, leather suit, leather jacket and a motorcycle jacket were taken.

1000 block of Huff Road NW – On April 26, during the day, the dead bolt to an apartment was pried from the door. The apartment showed signs of rummaging and disturbed from original positions. A safe containing $850 cash was taken.

2600 block of Forrest Ave. NW – On April 27, in the evening, officers were dispatched to an audible alarm at a house. A rear window had been shattered. A 42-inch Vizio, two flat screen TVs, two iPads and a Toshiba laptop were taken.

2200 block of Forrest Pl. NW – On April 29, during the day, the side door of a house was found pried open. Two Insignia flat screen TVs were stolen.

700 block of Morosgo Dr. NE – On April 24, in the evening, there was forced entry to the front door to an apartment and damage to the door viewer. The resident told police his camera alarm system was activated and showed footage of three men entering the location and stealing items. The resident said that after forcing the door they made entry three times. Two Fossil watches, an Apple cable router, a Mac minicomputer, an Apple Thunderbolt monitor, an Apple time capsule, a Fuji Film camera, a MacBook Pro and headphones were taken from the location.

400 block of Peachtree Hills Ave. NE – On April 29, during the day, the side window of an apartment was found broken open. Taken were an LG tablet, a Zenith TV, and $600 in cash.

400 block of Lindbergh Dr. NE – On April 29, during the day, a woman told police she noticed movement coming from a bedroom in her home. She said she walked into the room to see what had caused the disturbance. She said she saw a man searching through her son’s nightstand. Upon seeing her, the suspect jumped back out the window and fled the scene.

1100 block of Woodland Ave. NE – A woman told police that at an unknown date and time, someone had broken into the location, stolen $700 in cash and committed several acts of vandalism, including pouring bleach on clothes and tearing a shower curtain. The woman said she suspected a former roommate who is not on good terms with her and who still has keys to the location.

Commercial Burglary

1700 block of Peachtree St. NE — On April 17 in the morning, officers were dispatched to an audible alarm. The front door of a business was shattered with a rock and an Apple iMac had been taken.

100 block of Ottley Dr. NE – At an unknown date and time, the lock and chain securing fencing of a construction site were cut through and the wood panel covering the front door was pried off. Someone took two pressure washers, a thumper, and a demo saw. The tools appeared to have been dragged out the southwest side of the location.

500 block of Amsterdam Ave. NE – On April 18, in the morning, an officer was dispatched to check out an alarm. Upon arriving, the officer saw the front-door glass had been shattered. Three Samsung tablets, one laptop and $25 in cash were taken. Investigators were able to get a picture of a shoe print. Surveillance footage showed two men enter the location, jump over the business counter, and take the items.

1300 block of N Highland Ave. NE – On April 18, in the morning, an officer was dispatched to a business alarm. Upon arriving, the officer saw the glass front door discovered shattered. The cash register drawer with $300 in cash was taken.

1900 block of Howell Mill Road – On April 25, in the morning, the glass door to a business was found shattered with a rock. Security footage shows a man enter the location and grab the cash register. There was no money in the register.

Larceny from Vehicle:

From April 17 through April 30, there were 88 total larcenies from vehicles reported.

Other Larcenies:

From April 17 through April 30, there were 58 other larcenies, including shoplifting, were reported.

Auto Theft:

From April 17 through April 30, there were 28 auto thefts reported.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.