The following represents some, but not all, of the reports made to Sandy Springs police from April 22 through April 28

The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


8700 block of Roswell Road – On April 23, employees at a discount star reported that someone accessed a back door to a storage area and stole $500 in cigarettes. The manager said this has happened in the past and thinks it is the same person as before.

8300 block of Roswell Road – On April 24, an officer responded to an alarm at a gas station-food mart and found that the front door had been pried open. In the parking lot was an abandoned van, engine running. It probably had been stolen and was the burglar’s  vehicle. Detectives took over the investigation.

1000 block of Brentwood Way – On April 26, a 40-year-old woman reported that she left her apartment around 10 a.m. and returned around 4 p.m. Before she returned home she said she heard voices in her head saying, “We have your stuff.” She then returned to find her laptop, perfume, angel oil and two keys missing. There were no signs of forced entry. She told the officers that she was currently hearing “static” in her ears. She added that she has a current case pending against her neighbors and suspects them of the burglary.

600 block of Chestnut Oak Ct. – On April 27, a resident said she returned home and found the door to the carport open and a speaker that belonged in the living room was on the kitchen counter. Several cabinet doors were open and items moved around. Several items were missing. The victim said a couple of contractors had been in the home on the previous day.

5100 block of Spring Creek Lane – On April 27, a resident said when he arrived home, his door was ajar. Inside, he discovered several electronic items missing.

2000 block of Huntingdon Chase – On April 28, a woman reported someone entered her home and took coffee.

500 block of Forest Hills Drive – On April 28, a back patio door was pried open and the home entered. A Samsung TV was taken from the back patio; Visio sound bar from a living room. Several other items were also missing.


A woman reported that she went through the drive through at fast-food restaurant on Roswell Road, paying for the food with a $100 bill. She said the employee took the bill that she said was legit and must have swapped it for a counterfeit $100 bill. The employee then told the manager the diner paid with a counterfeit bill and the bill was confiscated. The diner believes the employee swapped it out and pocketed the bill.

1100 block of Hammond Drive – On April 22, a 29-year-old man reported his bicycle was stolen from the parking deck of his residence. The bike was locked.

8400 block of Roswell Road – On April 22, a 73-year-old woman told police her son recently purchased some purple bed sheets for her and at some point, she believes a caretaker stole them.

300 block of Hammond Drive – On April 22, a 73-year-old woman said someone took $150 cash from her wallet that was on the bed at a hotel.

4600 block of Stella Drive – On April 23, air conditioning  units were stolen from a home under renovation or construction.

8600 block of Roswell Road – On April 24, a 52-year-old woman said she was eating lunch at a restaurant and at one point left her table—and her pocketbook —  unattended. She returned and found her purse and its contents gone.

8300 block of Roswell Road – On April 26, at about 1 p.m., officers met with a woman at a grocery store who told them her cellphone was stolen. The phone was tracked to Roberts Drive. The woman contacted her provider and suspended service.

5100 block of Lake Forrest Drive – On April 26, two Lennox air conditioning units were stolen from a construction site.

Thefts from vehicles

Between  April 22-April 28, there were 11 reported thefts from vehicles.


6300 block of PDR – An employee at a popular warehouse store told police a man came in and purchased $1,546 in booze and paid with an American Express card. The employee was later told the card was stolen.


A woman reported that she was at a deli and noticed a man who positioned himself close to her, then bent over and placed his phone on the ground at such an angle as to view up her dress. He did the same thing moments later, several more times. The officer pulled the video showing a male with an orange shirt reading “Complex Means Quality” on the back. The video shows an obvious attempt to snap a photo of the under-regions of the victim.

Here’s where he screwed up: He bought a Monster Energy Drink with a check card assigned to an account number that the officer obtained. He will soon receive a call.


1000 block of Hammond Drive – On April 23, an officer, while conducting a business check just after 11 p.m., ran a tag on a car showing the owner was wanted in Gwinnett County for fraud. He located the driver who initially refused to give her ID. After realizing he wasn’t going away, the driver provided the proper ID and was later arrested her after the warrant was confirmed.

On April 24, an officer spotted a car driving erratically on Hammond Drive. The car entered Ga. 400 north. The officer ran the tag showing that a tag was not assigned to the car. (Yes, the check said the car has no tag.)

The driving got worse, so the officer stopped the car. As the officer walked up to the car the driver the sped away. The driver continued north to Northridge, where he exited and then turned onto Roberts Drive, where he abandoned the car, still running, in an office parking lot. Other units, including K-9 arrived and began a search, later locating the man in the bushes near the 8600 block of Dunwoody Place.

The suspect’s car had syringes and evidence of heroin inside. The man refused commands to show his hands, so the duties of the arrests were transferred to the K-9 who secured the suspect. The suspect told officers that he had just swallowed cocaine and heroin but believed that while fleeing on foot, vomited them up.

The suspect was wanted on several existing warrants, including felony possession of amphetamines from Georgia Tech PD, domestic violence from DeKalb PD, and felony theft, possession of cocaine, simple battery, false statements to police, and obstruction from Fulton Sheriff’s Department. Added to that are SSPD charges of felony possession of heroin, operating a car with a suspended license for failing to appear in court, speeding, reckless driving, felony fleeing and attempting to elude, and obstruction.

6200 block of PDR – On April 26, at around 2 p.m., officers responded to a hotel regarding a person screaming. They went to the room and spoke with a man who said his girlfriend was the screamer. She said she was having a panic attack but declined medical treatment. There was nothing to show that a crime had been committed, but the man who answered the door, when checked on GCIC, showed to be wanted in Cobb County for aggravated assault. He was arrested.

5900 block of Roswell Road – On April 28, employees at a healthy food grocery store called the police after observing a woman take meat and place it in her purse, then attempt to leave without paying. She said she forgot to pay for it. The woman showed signs of intoxication. She told the officers she was going to remove her handcuffs, threatened to vomit unless they immediately took her to Roswell, and swore at passing onlookers from her seat in the back of the patrol car. She was arrested.

6100 block of PDR – On April 28, just after 3 a.m., cops were checking the hotels due to previous thefts from autos. While in the parking lot of a hotel, an officer came across a car with three occupants in the parking lot. All three, females, were told why the officer was checking the area and asked for ID.

One woman gave her name but had no ID. GCIC had no record of the woman. She then decided she would not give her name (never a good idea) and so the officer then checked her prints on the mobile scanner, returning the information giving the officer her correct name. She was then arrested for false representation to police.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.