From Atlanta police reports dated May 5 through May 14.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 Precinct of the Atlanta Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.


1700 block of Marietta Blvd. NW – On May 5, in the evening, a woman said she was working the drive-through window at a fast-food restaurant when a woman ordered some food and pulled up to the window. The customer then jumped through the window and stole her phone.

2000 block of  Howell Mill Road – On May 6, during the day at a commercial bank, a woman said a man entered, approached her counter, and slid her a piece of paper. The note read, “I need 50’s and 100’s and there is a bomb in the trash can.” Victim said she pressed the button that allowed her to access the cash drawer multiple times but after the fourth attempt the suspect walked out of the location. Surveillance cameras were observed and checked at multiple businesses near the location that may have captured a glimpse of the suspect. The note was taken by the Crime Scene Unit for processing.

2000 block of Bolton Rd. NW – On May 8, in the evening, a man said he parked at a gas station when he was approached by two men. He said that the men pointed a pistol at him and demanded that he give them his keys. The suspects then got into the vehicle and fled in the direction of Bolton Road, headed toward Hollywood Road. No tag or VIN information was provided on scene by the victim as the vehicle was the property of a dealership.

1800 block of Ridgeway Ave. NW – On May 9, during the day, a man said that he was exercising in the park when two men grabbed his Swiss Army bag and fled. He said he chased after them and one of the men pointed a black gun at him and said, “I will shoot you.” The victim then stopped pursuit and the suspects got into a black sedan and fled. A MacBook Pro, iPhone, and recording equipment were inside the backpack.

800 block of Holmes St. – On May 14, in the morning, a woman said she was walking home from work when someone approached, pointed a black handgun at her head and demanded her belongings. She handed over her brown bag with rainbow straps, HTC cell phone, and white wallet with miscellaneous debit/credit cards. The robber fled in the direction of Howell Mill Road.

Piedmont Road/ Rockledge Road NE – On May 11, in the morning at a bar/nightclub, a man said that while he was parked, a vehicle blocked his car. An unarmed man approached, opened the car door and demanded that the victim relinquish his possessions. A diamond necklace, diamond earrings, wallet, Presidential Rolex, cross necklace, and gold Rolex watch were taken.

Aggravated Assault

500 block of Amsterdam Ave. – On May 6, in the morning at a restaurant, witnesses reported that a man attacked a woman in a parking lot, when another man who tried to break up the fight was knocked to the ground.

3600 block of Habersham Rd. NE – On May 11, in the evening, a man said he was in an argument with his partner. The man said they had recently moved in together. He said that during the argument, his partner grabbed a knife and cut him on the right knee, left shin, and back of the head. The suspect was not found on scene during the time of report. The victim’s blue jeans were collected as evidence.

2500 block of Piedmont Rd. NE – On May 9, in the evening, a man said he parked his vehicle in the parking lot of a retail store. He said that when he returned he saw a man inside his vehicle searching through the compartments. He said he yelled at the man, who then jumped down from the truck and got into a blue sedan. The victim said that he ran towards the suspect, at which point the suspect pointed a black handgun at him. The victim then stopped pursuit as the suspect fled the scene. Latent fingerprints were recovered from the interior/exterior of the vehicle and turned in for analysis. Taken from the vehicle was $450 in cash.

1800 block of Piedmont Ave. NE – On May 8, in the evening, a man said he was driving his vehicle when a bullet came through the windshield and struck him in the head. Originally the victim said he was at Piedmont Road and Cheshire Bridge Road near the Midtown Bowl. He then also said that he was near 10th Street when the incident occurred. Crime scene responded to process the vehicle and collect evidence.

Residential Burglary

 1800 block of Defoor Ave. NW – On May 3, in the morning, the front door of an apartment was damaged. A window of the property was unlocked. Two laptops and a drone were taken from the location.

1700 block of Northiside Dr. NW –The front door to an apartment was damaged. A PS3, PS3 games, Toshiba laptop and Asus notebook were taken.

3000 block of Brookwood Valley Cir. NE – On May 3, during the day, a Beretta 22 handgun and miscellaneous jewelry were stolen.

400 block of Northside Circle NW – On May 4, in the evening, an apartment window was broken by having a rock thrown through it. A 60-inch Smart TV, PS4, MacBook Pro and Toshiba laptop were stolen from the location.

1400 block of Peachtree Park Drive NE – On May 5, in the evening, someone broke into an apartment. A GoPro recording device and Apple MacBook Air were stolen.

100 block of 26th St. NW – On May 4, during the day a window to an apartment was shattered to gain entry. Miscellaneous jewelry was stolen from the location.

4200 block of Rickenbacker Way NE – On May 4, at an unknown time, someone forced entry into a house through the dog door. A 55-inch Samsung TV, 50-inch TV, ASIS black laptop computer and two iPads were taken.

2572 Lenox Rd. NE – On May 5, during the day, the front door of an apartment was damaged and the deadbolt pried open. Stolen was $10,000 in cash.

400 block of Lindbergh Pl. NE – On May 2, in the evening, a man said he saw a man and woman exit a neighbor’s apartment through the balcony. They were carrying a flat screen TV and fled in a white Chevrolet Impala. The man said the couple pointed a gun at him. A flat screen TV, iMac computer, and two MacBook Airs taken from the location.

400 block of Armour Dr. NE – On May 6, in the morning, a man returned to his apartment and found the door handle forced. When he walked into his apartment, he saw a man and woman inside, covering their faces. The woman fled the apartment. The apartment resident said he and the other man were involved in a scuffle. He said he pushed the suspect and that the suspect punched him in the face. The suspect then fled with a duffle bag containing four pairs of Giuseppe shoes, two MacBook Airs, six watches, a jewelry box, $2,000 cash, and a Nextbook tablet.

4000 block of Conway Valley Rd. NW – On May 12, in the evening, a man said his house had been burglarized while he was gone. He said all windows and doors were locked and secure. A Dell laptop, MacBook Pro, and iPad were stolen. The man said that the patio and garage doors were both open when he came home.

1000 block of Huff Rd. NW – On May 14, in the evening, a woman said she left her apartment and locked and secured her front door. She said when she returned, the door was closed but unlocked. She saw that the contents of her drawer, where money was kept, were strewn across the counter and that her jewelry was missing. She said $200 cash, a 14-karat gold necklace, a 14-karat gold bracelet, and a pair of gold earrings were missing. She said that her brother and a friend in the Navy were the only people who have access to her apartment and that they must have known where she stored her money.

2500 block of Edwards Dr. NW – On May 11, in the evening, a house was broken into and two flat screen Vizio TVs were stolen.

2500 block of Forrest Ave. NW – On May 13 in the evening, the rear window of a house was broken to gain entry. A 55-inch JVC TV was stolen. The victim said that his rear door was open when he returned home, likely the point of exit.

2200 block of Peachtree Rd. NW – A woman said a drawer had gone missing from her jewelry box. She said that the drawer contained several miscellaneous jewelry items ranging from watches to necklaces, etc. The victim last placed the drawer on a chair in her closet. She said that she normally locks the closet door but failed to on the day in question.

2200 block of Peachtree Park Dr. NE – On May 9 in the day, the front door of an apartment was pried open. A Blue-Ray player, MacBook Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air 2, and pearl bracelet were stolen

3800 block of Land O Lakes Dr. NE – On May 9, in the evening, someone entered a house through the back window. Pillowcases, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iMac, Kindle fire, Bose Stereo Speaker, iTrack Solo, and iTrack Studio were stolen from the location.

Commercial Burglary

3600 block of Roswell Rd. NW – On May 3, in the morning, the front glass door to a chain drug store was shattered. Surveillance footage showed a man break the glass and jump over the counter of the business. He then took 150 boxes of Newport cigarettes and fled.

1700 block of Howell Mill Rd. NW – On May 5, in the morning at an oil change business, the right side window bar was pried off and glass broken to gain entry. A black pickup truck was discovered with the door ajar and light dome on. Unknown items removed.

1300 block of Northside Dr. NW – A woman told police that items were missing from her storage unit. During the time she had been renting, her payments lapsed and the management team cut her lock and placed their own on her unit. When her balance was met, she placed a lock of her own back on the unit. Management advised there was no damage to the previous lock when they took possession of the unit. A D’naishia necklace, Samsung laptop, and Vizio TV reported missing from the location.

3200 block of Peachtree Rd. NE – On May 4, in the morning at a business, a witness told police that he heard a loud noise a few blocks up the street. He said he went to investigate and observed a black vehicle leave the location at a high rate of speed. He saw the front door to the location had been smashed in and described the suspects as four men. Designer jeans and shirts were stolen from the location.

600 block of Phipps Blvd. – A storage unit was broken into by removing a lock. Six paintings, a mirror, clothes, a POS computer system, printer, shoes, and purses were taken.

1000 block of Huff Rd. NW – On May 9, in the morning, at a restaurant, someone shattered the glass door. Stolen was $300, cash register, and cash box were taken from the property. Register and box were later recovered, empty, behind the dumpster.

2100 block of Piedmont Rd. – On May 14, in the morning, a man said his storage unit was broken into. A MacBook, flat screen TV, and several pairs of shoes were taken. The manager of the property said that a few other units had been broken into as well, but that he had not contacted the victims yet.

2300 block of Peachtree Rd. NE – On May 11, in the morning, a witness said that a group of five to seven males attempted to break into a business. The witness said that members of the group were attempting to break the front glass with a brick until he yelled, “Stop!” One man turned around with what appeared to be a handgun, but then the suspects fled. The witness pursued the suspects, but was unable to keep them in sight.

2600 block of Piedmont Rd. NE – On May 13, in the morning, officers responded to an audible alarm call. The front door to the business was shattered by having a rock thrown through it. Surveillance cameras show two men behind the front counter after entering the business. They took several sets of electric clippers from the top shelf, threw them into bags, and left the location. A business representative said that earlier that day a man had been in the location asking about the cost of clippers.


There were 36 reports of larcenies from vehicles reported from May 1 to May 7. There were 37 larcenies from vehicles reported from May 8 to May 14. There were 32 other larcenies, including shoplifting, reported from May 1 to May 7. There were 38 other larcenies reported from May 8 to May 14.

Auto Theft

There were 10 auto thefts reported from May 1 to May 7. There were 7 auto thefts reported from May 8 to May 14.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.