From Atlanta police reports dated May 15 through May 21.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 Precinct of the Atlanta Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.


2700 block of Defoors Ferry Rd. NW – On May 15, in the evening, a woman said she was in the parking lot about to get out of her vehicle when she was robbed by a male suspect. She said the suspect snatched her cellphone from her hand. He then pointed an object at her, which she believed to be a gun, and demanded she hand him her money. The suspect then grabbed the victim’s green purse and was picked up by a dark blue four-door sedan driven by a male suspect.

2700 block of Ridgewood Rd. NW – On May 15, in the evening, a man said he was jogging in the area when a black sedan with a paper tag approached him. The jogger said the front passenger got out of the vehicle, pointed a black handgun at the jogger and said, “Give me your phone and everything in your pockets.” The jogger said he surrendered his phone and that the suspect seemed nervous and appeared to be a juvenile. The suspects then fled the location. The jogger said he attempted to track his phone but that it had been shut down by the suspects.

I-75 NB/ Howell Mill Rd. – On May 18, in the morning, a man said he was picked up by an Uber driver from a restaurant. Another passenger was already in the front seat of the vehicle. He said the driver continued north on I-75 and that as he neared the Howell Mill Road exit he pulled over on the shoulder. The front passenger then jumped out and pointed a gold gun at the victim and demanded his belongings. The driver did nothing during the robbery. The suspect took one of the victim’s black shoes during the robbery. The suspect then jumped back in the vehicle, which took off north on I- 75. Two Samsung S5 cell phones, a wallet with various debit/credit cards, and apartment keys were taken from the victim.

600 block of Holmes St. NW – On May 15, in the morning, a man said he noticed a man staring at him from a dark vehicle parked nearby. He said he began to get out of his vehicle when the man pulled up next to him and cornered him. The man then pulled out a handgun, pointed it at the victim, and told him to give up his wallet and cellphone. The suspect fled the scene in the direction of Holmes Street.

800 block of Carlton Rdg. NE – On May 15, in the morning, a pedestrian said he was standing by his mailbox talking to his girlfriend. He said that while they were talking a dark minivan sped past them. He said that he didn’t think much of it at the time because he assumed it was one of the neighbors. Approximately 10 minutes later, the van returned and honked. Two men then got out of the vehicle with guns and demanded that the pair give up their money. The victims both turned over their wallets and cellphones. The robbers asked who was in the home and told the victims not to call police and that they would be back.

Aggravated assault

3600 block of Habersham Rd. NE – On May 15, in the morning, an officer was dispatched to Piedmont Hospital in response to a report of a repeat offender engaged in assault and battery. The officer was told by the hospital staff that a woman had been assaulted by her boyfriend. During an argument, the man had slammed the woman to the ground of their apartment. The woman suffered a broken nose and visible bruising on her face and arms. The officer had previously responded to an incident in February involving the same couple. The man previously had been arrested and charged with simple battery. The victim refused to provide any information related to the incident, herself, or the suspect.

Residential burglary

1100 block of Peachtree Battle Ave NW – On May 19, a man told police he received a call from the alarm company that his basement sensor had been tripped. He said that when he arrived on scene he discovered his basement door was kicked in. No items were discovered missing from the home. The victim’s dog may have scared off the intruder.

1900 block of Hollwood Rd. NW – On May 18, in the evening, a window air conditioning unit was pushed out of the window so someone could enter the house. Two TVs, a Samsung table, an LG cellphone and a PS3 were taken. The thieves left through the back door, which was discovered open.

2500 block of Forrest Ave. NW – On May 21, in the evening, a man said his home security system was activated by a motion sensor. He said video surveillance showed two men walking around the side of his neighbor’s house. He said that his wife went outside and that the two men fled. Upon checking the exterior of the residence a window was found shattered out of the side of the building. Officers found several TVs moved from their original positioning as well as cabinet doors and drawers open. A Beretta 12-gauge shotgun was moved from its storage place. The weapon was turned into police property until the victims returned, as the home was not securable.

3200 block of Habersham Rd. NW – On May 19, during the day, the rear window of a house was shattered. Sterling silver items and cutlery, a Pentax Digital SLR, and several pieces of jewelry were taken from the home. A TV was discovered moved from its original location.

400 block of Northside Cir. NW – On May 20, in the evening, an apartment door was damaged so someone could enter. No items were discovered missing at the time of report; however, victim believes the suspect was able to access his electronic devices to in order to disable the alarm.

1000 block of Peachtree Park Dr. NE – At an unknown day and time, $400 in cash and an Apple MacBook were taken from an apartment. A window had been left unlocked.

4400 block of Peachtree Park Dr. NE – At an unknown day and time, a MacBook Pro was stolen from an apartment. The resident said he wasn’t sure if the back door was locked or unlocked.

3500 block of Piedmont Rd. NE – At an unknown day and time, the door frame to an apartment was damaged. A Propel water bottle not belonging to the tenants was discovered on the scene. No items were removed from the location.

3200 Lenox Rd. NE – On May 20 in the evening, the back door to an apartment was torn from the hinges. A 50-inch Samsung TV, 42-inch Panasonic TV, 50-inch Emerson TV, Bose speakers, MacBook Air, and $200 cash were stolen.

400 block of Lindbergh Pl. NE – At an unknown day and time, the rear window to an apartment was pried open with a tool. The window screen was recovered from nearby bushes. A 36-inch Element flat screen TV and 32-inch Apex flat screen TV were stolen from the location.

Commercial Burglary

400 block of Pharr Rd. NE – On May 16, in the morning, the front door lock of a concession stand at Frankie Allen Park was removed from the business with a screwdriver. The suspect used a crowbar to pry open the interior door leading to the concessions. Various food items, Powerade, candies, water bottles, and two industrial cooking grills were stolen.

Larceny from Vehicle

From May 15 through May 21, there were 40 reports of larceny from vehicles. There were 45 other larcenies, including shoplifting, reported the same week.

Auto Theft

From May 15 through May 21, there were seven reported auto thefts.

Joe Earle

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