To the editor,

I appreciate Mr. Burnett clarifying and explaining the purpose and history of “Rivershore Construction Corporation.”  The term “construction” is often used with, and in conjunction with, “building and development,” and I respect the fact he has established “Rivershore Construction Corporation” as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation. I think he has answered concerns expressed by several neighbors to me.

Joe Houseman

However, I do take exception to Mr. Burnett’s claim about me not being able to understand the “daily grind” of rush-hour because I live in “an affluent, tranquil neighborhood.”

If one were to take what he claims at face value, then that might imply the residents of my “tranquil neighborhood” do not have real lives, with real families and real jobs and may never deal with the hassle of traffic themselves, right?  Additionally, that these neighbors would never communicate their challenges to me?

Is he implying my family would likely never experience rush hour traffic to meet people, take our children to activities, go to meetings or engage in volunteer opportunities?  This is a ridiculous insinuation for him to make!

Furthermore, by most people’s standards, the majority of the homes in Sandy Springs are in affluent neighborhoods.  I think this is a case of “the pot is calling the kettle out.”

As a quick check with Zillow shows, estimates for the current market valuation of Mr. Burnett’s residential property on River Shore Parkway, as well as those of his neighbors, show valuations well into the $500,000-plus range.  Half-million dollar homes.  The last time I checked, that’s affluent too!

I want the voters to know and understand that I am not seeking this position in any way to boost the value of my personal assets, multiply my business interests, or increase the size of my employer’s footprint.  My involvement is grassroots, family-oriented, community- oriented, and leadership-oriented.

I am seeking this position to truly represent only the interest of the voters and continue making Sandy Springs a great place to work, live, raise a family and retire.

Joe Houseman

Joe Earle

Joe Earle is Editor-at-Large. He has more than 30-years of experience with daily newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.