A major—but unidentified—Sandy Springs company is seeking $295,000 in incentives to stay here and expand with 125 net new jobs.

The proposal, codenamed “Project Stone,” is slated for a City Council vote June 21.

According to city documents, the deal involves a public company with more than 400 employees. It wants to renovate its existing building and expand it by 150,000 square feet. It would move existing employees away but hire more for the 125 net new jobs said to pay more than $100,000 a year.

The company is reportedly considering moving to other locations inside and outside metro Atlanta and wants tax incentives to stay. Under the city’s incentive policy, the company is seeking a three-year waiver of a $75,000 business occupational tax and a one-time waiver of a $70,000 building permit. The company would agree to remain for at least 10 years.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

2 replies on “Major Sandy Springs company seeks $295K in incentives to stay, expand”

  1. Ask Connecticut how that worked out for them. GE has decided to pick up and move to Boston. This company will still pay its property tax as well as any other tax that would be associated with running their business. Based on the number of employees and what their business license tax is, I would estimate that they pay around $2.5 million a year in property tax or, at current value, $25 million over 10 years and all they’re asking for is $295k in incentives. Sounds like a bargain to me.

  2. John,

    Have you tallied up the amount of “tax incentives” given by the State of Georgia and our budget deficit? Hmm, seems to me we have problem with handouts. Threats are threats and if a company threatens to leave or else, then good riddance. States across the country are all just pawns.

    IF, there is a tax incentive then there must be a performance clause that goes with it. Most tax incentives for jobs never see the jobs but the tax incentive continues. IF there is ever a need to raise taxes on the citizens then first the tax incentives need to be decreased to fill that void and only after the Public Company tax incentive is gone does the common citizen get a tax increase. Is that fair enough for you.

    Public companies like Home Depot love to get a tax break then when an executive leaves like Mr. Erickson his pay continues on for two years. IF, these companies can afford such lucrative executive benefits then let them be a part of the community and pay the tax.

    FYI: This comes from a Private Company business owner who’s firm invests for Fortune 500 companies to the tune of $40 billion a day. We’ve not now nor will we ever ask for any type of incentive or government help. We simply follow the law, invest in our community and go on about our day.

    It’s about time that those want to be, couldn’t build a company on there own if they tried, over paid Public Company boys and girls do the same. Live by what they preach as in, IF government is so bad then stop asking Government to bail you out of what you can’t do yourself. That said from a public school, no college boy with a genius IQ.

    Now, Sandy Springs Georgia, release the name of the fearful Public Company who is unwilling to put there Name/Arse on the line when they’re begging us for money.

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