Participants in Sandy Springs inaugural lantern parade did their bit to light up the community Saturday night. They paraded down Morgan Falls Road to Morgan Falls Overlook Park. Here are a few scenes from the June 18 parade.

Photos by Phil Mosier

Dave Lind led the parade, rolling a giant gold fish latern. “I have over fifty hours in the making in this fish, Lind said.

Yvonne Steern
The Stevens family, Tamra and Matt Stevens and their sons Luke, 10, and James, 13, brought a Chinese dragon to life.

Joe Earle

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2 replies on “Check out scenes from the Sandy Springs lantern parade”

  1. The Parade was a pretty good start for the first time–a good turnout, fun lanterns, and efficient parking handled by the Sandy Springs police.

    A better parade next year would include:

    1. Closing Morgan Falls Road during the 25 minutes the parade is actually taking place. How can we the dimly lit lanterns with headlights shining on them. And there’s also a saftey factor with children an parents lining the streets and cars trying to make their way through that.

    2. Turning out the streetlights on Morgan Falls Road during the parade. How can we see dimly lit lanterns under brightly lit streetlights?

    1. I agree. I didn’t go because the facebook page started shifting the time around and then suddenly was removed when people started asking if the even was canceled.

      Sounds like it was poorly managed as I can’t find very much about what I missed. Oh well…

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