A community meeting is set for June 22 to discuss plans by SunTrust Bank to open a new bank branch at the Old Hickory House location and also seek a special land use permit from the city of Dunwoody to add more parking to the site.

According to a public notice about the community hearing, SunTrust Bank plans to submit a SLUP to the city of Dunwoody for more parking spaces at the former restaurant’s location at 5490 Chamblee Dunwoody Road. The community meeting will also address questions about the proposed development. The meeting will be at 5486 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Suite 8, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The property is located in the Dunwoody Village Overlay District and zoned for commercial.

The Old Hickory House opened in 1953 and closed in 2014. At one time it was thought a Texas-based business was going to reopen a new restaurant in the location.

The barbecue restaurant was an iconic institution for the city, not only for eating but for meeting, according to reactions from many when it was announced the restaurant was closing. A photo of the restaurant on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s website when Old Hickory House was closed shows a sign planted in the grass stating “Anything here but a bank.”

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

3 replies on “SunTrust Bank plans new branch at Dunwoody’s former Old Hickory House”

  1. What is dunwoody’s fascination with banks? Who are we trying to attract to our community? I havent walked into a bank in 3 years! Good space for something much better to create a destination for our bank friendly downtown area.

  2. This is ridiculous. Compared to downtown Roswell and other surrounding areas, Dunwoody Village is turning into a joke. If it isn’t an empty bank building, its a new bank building. Wow.

  3. This is an update from the Special Land Use Permit meeting last night relating to the proposed SunTrust Bank location on the Old Hickory House property.

    According to Bill Grossman, who is on the Dunwoody Village Design Review Committee, there is still something the residents may be able to do to stop the ridiculousness of yet another bank coming to Dunwoody Village. SunTrust doesn’t yet own the property and the contract is pending on the approval of the land use proposal.

    I’d urge everyone opposed to continue to contact all of the following:

    – Mayor Denis Shortal denis.shortal@dunwoodyga.gov

    – Dunwoody’s Economic Development Director, Michael Starling, michael.starling@dunwoodyga.gov (in charge of bringing in new businesses and finding locations in Dunwoody for them)

    – Dunwoody City Council: CouncilMembers@dunwoodyga.gov

    The update from Mr. Grossman is as follows:

    “I sit on the Dunwoody Village Design Review Committee. City Planner John Olson started working for the City a couple of months ago and has never been to a DVDR meeting. SunTrust had an ad in the June … View more 1 Crier about tomorrows pre-application meeting. Am I the only one who reads the Crier? It has all the legal postings for Dunwoody.
    If you, like I, want more restaurants in Dunwoody Village y’all should make it known to Dunwoody’s Economic Development Director:(michael.starling@dunwoodyga.gov) He is the guy in charge of bringing in new businesses and finding locations in Dunwoody for them. Copy Mayor and council too: CouncilMembers@dunwoodyga.gov

    Just wanted to pass this along because I think it is important for everyone who may not like the idea of another bank to have an opportunity to be informed and to voice their opinion before it is too late to do anything about it.

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