Parc Communities will withdraw its controversial plan for senior housing at a Sandy Springs church property after facing heavy local opposition and a rejection from the city Planning Commission, according to developer attorney Chip Collins.

A rendering of Parc Communities’ redesigned senior housing plan for the Apostles Church site at Glenridge and Hammond drives in Sandy Springs, from a city filing.

The Apostles Church at the corner of Glenridge and Hammond drives intended to sell its property to Parc for a large luxury senior residence. The Planning Commission voted 4-1 against a downsized version of the plan on June 16, saying it was essentially an apartment building violating the “protected neighborhood” designation in the city’s land-use plan.

“Based on the recommendations of denial by [city] staff and the Planning Commission and the perceived ‘development fatigue’ of some Sandy Springs citizens, Parc determined that a positive vote by the City Council was unlikely,” Collins said in an email. Parc will seek another local property for a similar project, he said.

Roy Dickson, Parc’s president and CEO, is a Sandy Springs resident and “wants to bring one of his developments to the city that will be embraced by the community, not resisted,” Collins said. “Accordingly, Parc has decided to withdraw this application and look for an appropriate alternative site in Sandy Springs.”

The withdrawal will still require official city permission.

The senior housing plan became a flashpoint of debates about the city’s rapid redevelopment, including being mentioned in the City Council District 3 candidate forums.

The church previously said it is forced to sell and move due to financial problems, so the debate about the senior housing also involved an assumption that some other type of redevelopment will happen there.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. If Parc wants to do a senior living development that is embraced by the community, I hope Mr. Dickson will consider senior apartments right at the Big Lots center on Roswell with first floor amenities for both the seniors and the community?

    Mr. Dickson said he wants a project the community can embrace and given the eyesore status of Big Lots and that the Big Lots owner is currently looking to sell, it’d be great. A fresh infusion of amenities/stores/restaurants could really be nice at that location. Seems like a logical win/win for Mr. Dickson and the community!

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