Sandy Springs City Council approved the $103.6 million fiscal year 2017 budget at its June 21 meeting. The council also approved renewal all of the city’s government outsourcing contracts for three years without rebidding them.

The budget is the city’s first since the 2008 economic crash to project more than $100 million in spending. It includes administrative staffing and salary boosts, as City Manager John McDonough said hiring and retention have been issues.

Since the city formed in 2005, it has drawn national notice for its system of outsourcing almost all government services and departments to private contractors. Part of the goal is to keep costs low by competitively bid contracts and the last rebidding was in 2011.

This year, the city proposed offering no-bid contract renewals to avoid losing employees and taking up staff time as the City Springs redevelopment and the Next Ten planning and zoning processes wrap up. The council approved those renewals without comment on its consent agenda.

John Ruch

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

2 replies on “Sandy Springs approves $103.6m budget, renews outsourcing contracts”

  1. First, let’s be clear that this arrangement is liked by anti government, Republican, conservatives who don’t like Government but there they are asking HUD for money to help an affluent community. #toobroketosupportitself

    No bid contracts? Really? So much for trying to get a better deal?

    Are we really to support a City Government who doesn’t want to be bothered because of standard, work that every city has to do daily, issues like a simple development which gets us little for City Government? What a lame excuse.

    Jobs, jobs, jobs they say. Mr. Paul says all the development is because people want to live near where they work. So, why when we call the City of Sandy Springs does someone in Florida answer the phone?

  2. At no time is trying to get better deals for the City to be considered “taking up staff time”. IF the city is unable to walk and chew gum at the same time then who are these so called experts from the private sector they’ve hired?

    Jobs, Jobs, Jobs says Mr. Paul. Well, I have one for you, bring all those in Florida who answer our phones up to Sandy Springs or find those here who can do the job. Answering the phones when we call the City isn’t a budget buster now is it or are we really that poor financially?

    National Notice among a group who doesn’t believe in Government and are promoting the dismantling of Government as we know patting themselves on the back doesn’t really mean much.

    How about some leadership and finding people who are committed to always working on behalf of the residents?

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