mallDad’s Garage Theatre is presenting the improv soap opera “Scandal” every Saturday night through Aug. 20. “Scandal” is set at a fictitious shopping mall in the Old Fourth Ward that’s on its last legs and its wacky denizens. As media sponsor for the event, INtown is posting a recap of the Saturday episodes. 

To begin our second episode, new mall owner “Chugga” Kingsford convened a meeting of the store owners in the mall office to discuss the recent developments. Oral Hanks revealed that if Chugga were to conveniently “have an accident,” the mall bylaws  state that the new owner of the mall would be chosen from the current store owners. For Chugga’s safety, Violet, the 95-year-old mallwalker, was chosen to stand guard over his office.

Chick-fil-A kid Percy Goody was trading food with Rosemary Splat in the food court. The trade was a #3 combo with large fries and Polynesian sauce for some of Rosemary’s cookies. Unfortunately, Rosemary let it slip that she doesn’t believe in God and the deal was off!

Oral Hanks was counting inventory in his store when the unthinkable happened – a customer walked into the store without being dragged in first. The shopper was none other than Madeline Silverton, the most influential and successful real estate developer in Atlanta. She revealed she was responsible for the nearby Inman Quarter, to a chorus of boos. She let Oral know that he was vastly under-pricing his goods, and that untold riches awaited him if only he would forget his loyalty to Old Fourth Ward Mall.

Violet stopped by the Commodore’s Arcade to pester him again about getting a Dance Dance Revolution machine. The Commodore pointed out that Violet wasn’t being a very good security guard, as she had already abandoned her post. She replied that it was okay, because she “had her head on a swivel.” When the Commodore tried to remove her badge from her chest, Violet screamed, “Rape!”

Oral Hanks ran back to the food court and shared his run in with Madeline Silverton with Commodore and Percy Goody. The Commodore was angered by Oral’s eagerness to sell out the mall for a profit, while Percy struggled to take their orders, since his traveling Chick-fil-A cart was only equipped with sweet tea.

Daisy came to see Rosemary for her daily cookie. Rosemary had taken a truck stop “love” supplement and was all worked up and looking for romance. After an ill-advised attempt to make the 10-year-old Daisy take the supplement as well, Daisy agreed to play matchmaker for Rosemary.

Violet was standing guard at Chugga’s office when Madeline Silverton arrived and quickly used some super human strength to throw Violet away from the door. This caused Violet to assume Madeline was a robot. Once Madeline entered Chugga’s office she began to download files off his computer, possibly into a USB port in her belly button. Chugga arrived at that moment and forced entry into his office, but the smooth talking Madeline soothed his concerns and soon had won his confidence, over the protests of Violet.

Cynthia Monets stopped by the Chick-fil-A for a snack. Convincing the innocent Percy to caress her sinewy body, she soon had worked him up into quite a state.

Chugga called everyone into the main mall court to announce a major decision about the mall. Flanked by Madeline Silverton, he let the assembled throng know that Madeline had become a business partner for the mall and would be involved in the management of the mall moving forward. All the store owners were upset to be left out of the decision, and called for an immediate vote via the mall office computer. However, Violet advised that Madeline was a robot and could hack the vote. Based on an obscure clause from the mall bylaws, the group decided that if Madeline could survive a trip to The Forbidden Zone (the condemned part of the mall) with Chugga, they would accept her as a partner. Our episode ended with Madeline attempting to climb into Chugga’s train ride in a very short skirt, without showing everyone her “forbidden zone.”

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To purchase tickets and to find out more information about “Scandal,” visit Dad’s Garage is located at 569 Ezzard St. in the Old Fourth Ward.

Collin Kelley

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