Orange Julius looks on as Lil' Daisy kills Chugga before he turns into a CHUD.
Orange Julius looks on as Lil’ Daisy kills Chugga before he turns into a CHUD.

Dad’s Garage Theatre is presenting the improv soap opera “Scandal” every Saturday night through Aug. 20. “Scandal” is set at a fictitious shopping mall in the Old Fourth Ward that’s on its last legs and its wacky denizens. As media sponsor for the event, INtown is posting a recap of the Saturday episodes.

In episode three of “Scandal,” Chugga and Madeline made their way into the dark and dangerous condemned portion of the Old Fourth Ward Mall… The Forbidden Zone! It was definitely spooky down there, as the pair kept hearing noises and feeling like they were being watched. When suddenly, Orange Julius appeared! He’d been trapped there for two weeks and had seen some seriously weird stuff, man. He blamed Chugga for leaving him behind and told Madeline that they were in immediate danger from CHUD’s… Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers!

Meanwhile, Violet Chumsly began the first of Lil’ Daisy’s homeschooling classes. Lesson #1 – You can only kill robots with love. Try and hug a robot to death and if that doesn’t work, do whatever it says.

Oral Hanks was very nervous for his upcoming date with Rosemary Splat, so he asked Cynthia Monets for some fashion advice. Instead, Cynthia convinced Oral to “roleplay” a date with her, and it was going really well. Too well, in fact!

The Commodore saw that Jelilah’s store was open, so he went in to ask about her two-week absence. Jelilah revealed that she had spent the time at a fertility clinic, getting some “baby eggs” that she’d had frozen years ago put back inside of her. Upon realizing he might have a child, The Commodore realized it could be trained to eliminate the CHUD menace under the mall.

Orange Julius was showing Madeline his camp where he had been hiding from the CHUD’s, when Chugga screamed for help. He was trapped amongst a large group of suburban CHUD’s from Alpharetta. Deciding that one bad turn deserves another, Orange Julius ran off and took Madeline with him.

Violet Chumsly visited The Commodore’s arcade to see if she could learn anything to defeat the robot menace. The Commodore, shocked to hear about the robot problem, then shared with Violet the CHUD problem as well. What followed was nearly a classic Abbott & Costello routine. “Wait, are you telling me that in addition to CHUD’s, we’ve also got robots?” “Wait, are you telling me that in addition to robots, we’ve also got CHUD’s?” “Okay, we’re gonna be here a while…”

Lil’ Daisy ran up to Jelilah and gave her a big hug. When Jelilah reacted by saying, “Aw, that’s sweet!” Daisy pledged to obey her every command.

The date between Cynthia and Oral Hanks was going great, and even heating up as they moved to the mattress store and reclined on a nice queen-sized mattress. Cynthia removed Oral’s glasses which caused him to grimace and flail wildly due to his shortsightedness, so she replaced them. Despite this setback, things got even more intimate.

Lil’ Daisy ran into Madeline Silverton, who may be an actual robot, and gave her the hug test. Madeline immediately seized the opportunity to indoctrinate Lil’ Daisy to be her eyes and ears within the mall.

Oral Hanks was walking through the mall with a very telling spring in his step, when he happened upon Violet Chumsly. Violet recognized Oral’s swagger as that of a man who had just had sexual relations. Violet was ecstatic that Oral’s date with Rosemary had gone so well. But when Oral revealed that instead he had gone all the way with Cynthia Monets, she was appalled… but then quickly she expressed an interest with having a go with Oral as well.

Chugga was all alone in The Forbidden Zone, with CHUD’s all around him. A chunk of human flesh was thrown at his feet, and the chant of “One of CHUD, one of CHUD” was started. In a startlingly bad decision, Chugga gave in to the peer pressure and ate the human flesh!

Madeline Silverton was in the mall office, digging through the secret files to find out more about The Forbidden Zone, when Orange Julius ran in to find her. He was having an attack of conscience about leaving Chugga with the CHUD’s. About that time Lil’ Daisy also entered, looking for Chugga. When she heard of his plight, she immediately mounted a rescue, forcing Orange Julius to go with her. After a brief train ride to The Forbidden Zone, they found Chugga laying on the ground motionless. But, he wasn’t dead yet, and he revealed that he needed Daisy to kill him, before he fully turned into a CHUD from the tainted flesh he had eaten. He gave Daisy the key to his train engine, and his wooden train whistle. Daisy blew one last plaintive note on the whistle, before staking Chugga through the heart with it, killing him… to DEATH!

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To purchase tickets and to find out more information about “Scandal,” visit Dad’s Garage is located at 569 Ezzard St. in the Old Fourth Ward.

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