Developers for Dresden Village, a proposed mixed-use development at the intersection of Dresden and Caldwell Drives, recently submitted revised plans to the city. The project is expected to go before the Planning Commission on Aug. 3.

The evolution of the project resulted from collective efforts between developers and a “group of dedicated neighborhood advocates, that met on numerous occasions,” said Brian Fratesi, vice president of development and acquisitions for Connolly Investment. The project is a joint effort between Connolly and Fairfield Residential.

Revisions to the plan include:

  • 4 stories on Dresden Drive and 3 stories facing Caldwell Drive with Caldwell Drive frontage now having the look of townhomes.
  • Reduced number of apartments from 206 to 194, which reduces density from 60 units per acre to 56.6 units per acre.
  • Changed the access on Caldwell Drive from full retail/residential access to be residential, right-exit only. There will be no entrance on Caldwell Drive.
  • Developer will contribute $20,000 to the city of Brookhaven to facilitate traffic improvements at the intersection of Caldwell Road and Green Meadows Lane to prevent cut through traffic into the neighborhoods.
  • Relocated trash, deliveries and loading/unloading from Caldwell to Parkside.
  • Added over 1⁄2 acre of public green open space in our pocket park and pedestrian pathway that connects Caldwell Drive to Dresden Drive (which will be a public easement).
  • Designated 2 parallel parking spaces on Dresden for Uber/taxi (or other transportation drop-off and pick-up).
  • Developer will contribute $5,000 to the Ashford Park Community for improvements at Parkside Park.
  • Development will have over 140 publicly accessible paid parking spaces to help provide needed parking in the area.

The developers are seeking to rezone the slightly more than 3 acres at 1336-1370 Dresden and 2544-256 Caldwell, where the DeKalb County Tax Commissioner office is located, to allow for the project that includes a parking deck and 20,000 square feet of retail space.

At an April community meeting, residents said developers should reduce the number of apartments to about 150, the amount allowed by current zoning of the property, or should use townhomes instead of apartments in a portion of the planned development.

Concerns about increased traffic along an area already besieged by congestion is fueling the opposition from many residents in surrounding neighborhoods. This proposed development is being considered at the same time another mixed-use development with

Another mixed-use development including 113 apartments at the corner of Dresden Drive and Appalachee Drive is under consideration by the city and the proposed Brookhaven-Oglethorpe MARTA mixed-use development would add another approximate 440 apartments.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.