From police reports dated June 14 through June 18

The following information was provided by the Zone 2 Precinct of the Atlanta Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.

500 block of Trabert Avenue NW – On June 12, in the morning, a woman said she was walking through the parking lot to catch a Lyft driver when a male suspect pulled up next to her. She said he pointed a silver handgun at her and demanded she give him her purse. The suspect then fled.

2000 block of Monroe Drive NE – On June 13, in the morning, a man said he was sitting in a car in the parking lot of a local bar when he and a friend were approached by a man. The suspect had his face covered and demanded the victims not move as he pointed a gun at them. The suspect then reached into the vehicle and removed the victim’s backpack. The suspect then fled the scene on foot. The victim said that payroll cash was contained in the backpack with miscellaneous medication and credit/debit cards.

400 block of Northside Circle NW – On June 13, in the morning, a man said he was sitting in his parking lot and talking on the phone when he saw two men standing at the gate of his apartment complex. The man said that they pointed a silver handgun at him and demanded that he turn over his possessions. The victim said he gave them his two cellphones and they took a ring from him, then pushed him off a small embankment before fleeing.

3000 block of Peachtree Road – On June 13, during the day at Lenox Mall, a woman said that she and her granddaughters were getting out of her vehicle when she was approached by a man. The woman said that he pointed the gun at her and demanded that she give up her keys. The woman said she told her granddaughters to run as she handed over her keys. The suspect then demanded the victim’s phone, which she gave to him. The suspect then fled the scene in her vehicle. Tracking was available on both the vehicle and the stolen phone. Surveillance cameras were observed in the area of the incident and may have captured images of the suspect.

2400 block of Coronet Way NW – On June 14, in the evening, a pedestrian said he was walking through the parking lot of his apartment complex, and when he passed by a dark-colored vehicle, two armed men jumped out. The two demanded he give them his possessions, and the victim gave them his iPhone 4S. One of the two men then struck the victim in the face with a handgun and demanded the passcode to the complex. The driver of the vehicle told the victim not to tell anyone what happened, that if he did, he knew where he lived and would shoot his mother. The two suspects then then fled the scene.

2700 block of Defoors Ferry Road NW – On June 14, in the evening, a couple said they were going for a walk when they were approached by two men. The victims said that they tried to run but that the suspects pursued. The couple said the two men had semiautomatic handguns and that they demanded the victims give up all their property. The victims surrendered their wallet and iPhones. The suspects fled the scene in a dark four-door sedan.

700 block of Holmes Street NW – On June 16, in the evening, a man said he was walking through a parking lot when a man approached him from behind and stuck a gun in his back. The suspect took the victim’s wallet, iPhone, keys and watch. The suspect then fled the scene in a black pickup truck driven by a woman. Tracking on the iPhone was traced to the intersection of West Lake Avenue and Porter Drive. A vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s vehicle was located near the intersection, but after further investigation determined not to be the same vehicle.

2000 block of Monroe Drive NE – On June 16, in the morning, a man said he was walking down the sidewalk when two men jumped out of the bushes. He said that they had bandanas covering their faces and pointed a silver handgun at his face. The suspects demanded all the victim’s belongings, so he handed over a silver iPhone 6S. The suspects then told the victim to turn around and run, and that if he looked back, they would shoot him.

2200 block of Harry Brooks Drive NW – On June 17, at an unknown time, a pedestrian said he witnessed a man reaching into a work truck and removing an edger and a blower. As the pedestrian approached the suspect, he pointed a shotgun. The suspect then fled the scene in an older black sedan.

1900 block of Howell Mill Road NW – On June 17, in the morning, a woman said that she and her friend were waiting to get an Uber car when two men in a dark vehicle entered the parking lot. The victim said the men pointed a gun with a towel over it at her and said, “Give me your purse or I’ll shoot you.” The woman said she threw the purse at the suspects and ran from the location. The suspects fled.

Aggravated Assault
2300 block of Peachtree Road NE – On June 13, during the day, a man said he saw a man crouching near his vehicle. He said that as he approached the suspect, the suspect jumped into the passenger side of a silver sedan. The victim said he stood in front of the suspect’s vehicle and that as it was fleeing the scene the vehicle struck him.

200 block of Pharr Road – On June 18, in the morning, a man said he requested an Uber ride and that he jokingly told the Uber driver that he was cute. The man said that the Uber driver then pointed a gun at him and told him to shut up. He said when they got to his apartment, the suspect pointed the gun at him again and demanded that he get out of vehicle. The victim was unable to provide a vehicle description or tag number for the vehicle.

Residential Burglary
600 block of Garson Drive NE – On June 13, during the day, the door to an apartment was kicked in. An Asus Gaming laptop, black Akribos watch, Crossfade headset, Galaxy Note 3, two Samsung hard drives, Michael Kors watch, black-and-gold striped Asus laptop, MacBook Pro, five rings, three gold necklaces and a Michael Kors handbag were stolen.

2400 block of Lowe Street NW – At an unknown time on June 15, the front door and window were shattered out of a house with a rock. A 65-inch Vizio TV was stolen.

2400 block of Hyde Manor Drive – On June 15 during the day, the rear door of a house was forced open and the home was rummaged through, but no items appeared to be missing.

1400 block of Mecaslin Street NW – On June 16, during the day, the front door deadbolt of an apartment was damaged to gain entry. An Apple MacBook, Bluetooth sound bar and iPad were stolen.

700 block of Morosgo Drive NE – On June 17, in the morning, the back door lock to a house was damaged. A woman said she was sleeping when she heard something in the next room. She said she locked her bedroom door and could see a flashlight under the door. She said that the suspects then entered her bedroom and shined the flashlight in her face. She said when the suspects saw her, they fled. A Sony camera and a PS4 were stolen.

1900 block of Grandview Avenue NW – On June 18, during the day, a man said he had been in a dispute with his former roommate. He said the suspect damaged a TV, speakers, dishes, and stole five suits, some jewelry, a cellphone and some clothes.

1800 block of Peachtree Park Drive NE – On June 18, in the evening, someone entered an apartment by removing the screen from a side window. An Apple MacBook, Lenovo laptop and Apple iWatch were taken.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.