Oral Hanks and Cynthia Monets.
Oral Hanks and Cynthia Monets.

Dad’s Garage Theatre is presenting the improv soap opera “Scandal” every Saturday night through Aug. 20. “Scandal” is set at a fictitious shopping mall in the Old Fourth Ward that’s on its last legs and its wacky denizens. As media sponsor for the event, INtown is posting a recap of the Saturday episodes.

As Week 5 began, The Commodore was shifting through the rubble of The Forbidden Zone after last week’s big explosion, when he heard nearby groaning. He found Orange Julius injured and pinned underneath a large steel girder. The Commodore almost lifted the girder and freed Julius, but it pinched his fingers a bit so he let it drop back in place.

Cynthia Monets encountered a stranger to the Mall, who was perusing the directory. He introduced himself as Agent Hammer from the FBI, who followed two laws – Love and Long Stares. He immediately invited Cynthia to lunch in the Food Court.

Rosemary Splat, wanting to look her best to make Oral Hanks jealous, visited the Southern Belle Depot to enlist Jelilah Dixon’s help. Jelilah suggested they switch wigs, which took a while because everything was heavily pinned in place.

Agent Hammer gathered everyone together in the Mall Promenade to announce that he was beginning an investigation on the recent explosion at the mall. He kept getting interrupted by the agonized screams of Orange Julius coming through the vents until The Commodore helpfully closed them.

Jelilah visited The Commodore in his arcade, wearing Rosemary’s brunette wig and cookie chef hat. At first, The Commodore didn’t recognize her, but then Jelilah revealed she was pregnant! She didn’t know by whom, though.

Lil’ Daisy was strolling through The Forbidden Zone, when she heard Orange Julius screaming. After a long “Go get help, Lassie!” speech from Julius, she easily lifted the girder off of his body and then walked away.

Oral Hanks finally had to face Rosemary Splat, after seeing two other women before they ever got to go on their first date. Rosemary was hoping for an apology, but the most she got was Oral admitting, “I’m kind of a jerk!”

Cynthia and Agent Hammer met in the Food Court for their lunch date, and Hammer kickstarted things immediately by dropping down to one knee and proposing to her. Cynthia said yes and they shared the longest stare.

Jelilah was in the “Babytown USA” store, shopping for her infant, when she found Lil’ Daisy cuddling all the teddy bears. Lil’ Daisy was honored and touched at Jelilah’s suggestion that she could be the baby’s big sister.

Oral Hanks was wandering through The Forbidden Zone when he happened upon the injured Orange Julius. While freed from the girder, he was too injured to move. Oral seized the opportunity to make a sales deal, saying he’d save Julius if he bought his new product. But the product was back in his store, so he left.

The Commodore was tracking some strange footprints emanating from The Forbidden Zone that led to Great American Cookie. He was convinced that Rosemary was an escaped CHUD and demanded a blood sample. Rosemary provided him with a sweat filled glove instead.

Agent Hammer and Jelilah were in The Forbidden Zone, and predictably they encountered the injured Orange Julius, who begged for assistance. In the interest of his investigation, however, Agent Hammer made Julius crawl all the way back to his original spot and then placed the heavy girder back on his body.

Oral Hanks found Cynthia Monets at the Mall fountain, blissfully happy with her engagement. Oral was a tad jealous and was interested in meeting the lucky guy. Just then Agent Hammer showed up. He and Oral locked eyes in recognition and then Oral shouted, “Hammer!”, clearly seeing an unexpected figure from his past.

Jelilah Dixon, alone in her store, sang to herself a rendition of the late Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All”. Getting a tad stuck on the bridge of the song, some mall passersby cued her and she finished the song with gusto.

The Commodore brought Rosemary’s glove to Agent Hammer for a lab analysis. Agent Hammer did his analysis dance and tasted the sweat from the glove before declaring, “100% CHUD!”

Orange Julius was alone in The Forbidden Zone, injured, trapped, severely angry. Suddenly a shuffling noise was heard and a dark shadowy figure slowly emerged on stage. When it finally was in the light, it raised it’s head to reveal… a CHUD! Julius screamed in terror, but no on came to help as the lights faded to black.

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To purchase tickets and to find out more information about “Scandal,” visit dadsgarage.com. Dad’s Garage is located at 569 Ezzard St. in the Old Fourth Ward.

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