Residents remained frustrated following a July 25 MARTA update on plans for a new development at Brookhaven/Oglethorpe Station.

During a public meeting at Oglethorpe University, MARTA representatives and partners introduced the current master plan, which includes less density than the one presented in June in areas such as rental units, as well as office, restaurant and retail space. Neighbors were especially concerned with changes in traffic patterns and a lack of parking details.

The idea behind project is to transform the surface parking lot at the Brookhaven Station into a mixed-use development and ultimately increase MARTA ridership.

Representatives did not provide the exact number of parking spaces planned for the project when asked. Tom Johnson, who lives in the Fernwood community, said that aspect of the development has not been adequately planned for.

“I don’t want MARTA patrons parking in front of my house,” said Johnson to MARTA officials. “It’s not about what’s best for MARTA, it’s about what’s good for the overall community, and your riders.”

–Adrianne Murchison

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  1. “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”–Albert Einstein. MARTA in practice goes where most of its potential riders DON’T want to go. So the only alternative for these riders is to get into their cars instead.

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