The Dunwoody City Council will consider Aug. 8 a rezoning request to redevelop a former Wells Fargo bank site at the corner of Mount Vernon Road and Dunwoody Village Parkway into a small shopping and retail center.

Site of the proposed small-scale shopping center at the corner of Mount Vernon Road and Dunwoody Village Parkway. Click to enlarge.

The city Planning Commission voted July 12 to recommend the council approve the rezoning request, but listed certain business that should be prohibited in the new development, including a homeless shelter, taxi stand, child care institution, kindergarten, nail salon, liquor store, laundromat and day care facility.

The .82 acre piece of property is currently zoned O-I (office institution) and the owner of the property and developer, JK Family Trust, is seeking to have it rezoned to CR-1 (commercial-residential mixed use) so it can construct a small scale shopping center with retail, restaurant  and office space.

A shuttered Wells Fargo bank sits at the site now. The two-story building is 3,900 square feet. The developer wants to renovate the building for the retail center.

Site plan of 1660 Mount Vernon Road. Click to enlarge.
The developer is also requesting a special land use permit and asking for the reduction in sidewalk width from 12 feet to 6 feet in order to save 9 maple trees lining Dunwoody Village Parkway.

However, a staff memo on the project notes there is currently 11 to 12 feet of space from the edge of the existing sidewalks to the trunks of the trees along Dunwoody Village Parkway, giving plenty of room for a 12-foot sidewalk and still enough setback of 5 to 6 feet from the trees.

The city arborist also has stated there is enough room for the trees and continued tree health to with a 12-foot wide sidewalk.
Staff is recommending denial of the SLUP request.
The area is within the Dunwoody Village Overlay District that is noted for its Williamsburg-style architecture.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

2 replies on “Dunwoody City Council to consider approval of Mount Vernon Road shopping center”

  1. My Question would be entry and exit for such a
    retail site.
    Could cause a problem being that close to the
    traffic light . The pattern would have to be safe for
    all drivers. Not just the retail center.
    How many shops are we talking about ? Restaurants would be a no no. not enough parking.

    Lets see the master plan before making a
    * PS There was already a bank there at that site. And the Hickory House site is now proposed to be a Bank.
    Why not work out between the two sites
    for retail to be on HH and bank to be at the bank site ?
    Would that not make more sense ?

  2. Mr Goodelman–
    The developer and owner have been communicating with the community via the DHA for months about how to create a local-friendly enterprise for this location.

    They have already ruled out a bank.

    They are considering restaurants that cater not only to drivers, but also to people who walk and bike from nearby neighborhoods.

    You are very welcome to come participate in these conversations in person and your questions will get answered by the people involved.

    Much more effective than just posting on a newspaper comments setion, don’t you think? 🙂

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