The following represent some, but not all, of the reports made to the Sandy Springs police from July 23 through July 30.
The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

6600 block of Vernon Woods – On July 24, someone accessed a vacant office space, probably with a key, and then made a hole into the adjacent office space where they accessed an interior office and stole $2,000 cash and several gift cards. The vacant space was not built out yet. All of the doors to the vacant office space were secure. The incident happened sometime between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m. the following morning.

1000 block of Glenridge Drive – On July 24, a 36-year-old man told the cops that he was at a restaurant on Windy Hill Road the night before, with his cousin, when they met two girls. They returned to his home around 5 p.m. Later, the victim went to bed around 10:30 p.m., leaving his cousin and the two girls in the living room. The following morning, the victim noticed his top drawer open and $2,000 cash missing. He said he keeps cash due to his job as a truck driver, transporting cars. His cousin said he fell asleep too, at which time the two women, at some point, left. The victim said he had phone numbers for the girls and texted one who admitted taking $200 but not the full $2,000. She told him she would bring the money back but at the time of the report, she had not done so.

8700 block of Roswell Road – On July 24, an employee of a cellphone store said that around 1 p.m., a female took a phone that he placed on the store’s counter, and walked out.

Harbor Pointe Pkwy. – On July 25, a 29-year-old woman said she allowed her boyfriend to use her Jeep that she recently purchased. She later moved away from Sandy Springs after they broke up and now he won’t return the Jeep. She sent a certified letter of demand for the Jeep’s return but the letter came back not deliverable with no forwarding address. Because she sent the letter of demand with no result, she can now take a theft by conversion warrant on the ex.

5900 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road – On July 26, a woman said someone came into her office and took two boxes of electronic equipment. Looks like an inside job because there was no forced entry and no alarm activation. The hallway video will be forwarded to detectives to see if anyone is on it.

5500 block of Roswell Road – On July 26 at a fitness business, a juvenile reported his wallet was stolen while he played basketball at the gym.

5500 block of Powers Ferry Road – On July 26, a 36-year-old woman reported that she accidentally left her keys on the counter at a Northside Drive gas station. When she returned, the keys were gone. They checked the video that showed a man behind her in line took them.

7000 block of Princeton Trace – On July 27, a 61-year-old man said he is in the process of moving and hired movers to do that job. He later discovered that three watches were stolen from him during the time the movers were on site. He had seen them just prior to that time.

1100 block of Mount Vernon Hwy. – On July 27, a 34-year-old man said his Dell laptop, valued at $400, was stolen at Starbucks after he briefly left his seat. This happened around 7 p.m.

1000 block of Brentwood Way – On July 27, a resident said he left his apartment just after 10 a.m. and returned around 10 p.m. The front door had been kicked in and he was missing a Sony laptop, Acer tablet and Movado watch.

Thefts from Vehicles
There were 12 thefts from vehicles reported between July 23 and July 27.

Concourse Parkway — Following a wedding at a hotel, the newlywed couple and attendees of the wedding engaged in the post-wedding reception complete with music provided by a DJ. Following the reception, the groom paid the DJ the agreed price of $500 but the DJ said that he wanted more because he “did announcements and stuff.” An argument ensued and at one point the DJ punched the groom in the jaw. Days later, the groom showed up at police headquarters with his attorney wanting to file “formal” charges against the DJ. FYI: “Formal” charges are no different than “charges.” Lawyers like to dress it up for the client.

Here’s how it all went down: A guy said another guy took his belongings from the first guy’s car. The first guy gave the second guy a ride and the second guy left his stuff in the car. Apparently the two guys work together and the second guy quit his job during the day and took his stuff, and the first guy’s stuff from the car.

A 21-year-old man said that he was with his juvenile girlfriend (a juvenile is anyone under the age of 17) at the pool area of an apartment complex on Summit Springs Drive. This was around 11 p.m. According to him, the juvenile female’s father and cousin showed up. The cousin was angry over the dating situation, pulled a gun out and pointed it at the head of the 21-year old man to reinforce his opinion on the pair dating.

An officer, working an accident at Abernathy Road and Glenridge Drive, on July 23, ran the license of one of the drivers and found he was wanted in Duluth for shoplifting and in Atlanta on failure to appear for a traffic offense. He was arrested.

5500 block of Northside Drive – On July 23, cops were called to the emergency room at Northside Hospital just after midnight, on a person shot in the leg. The man who was shot said that he and two others in the car pulled into a gas station, and at some point, one man was shot by someone who none of the car’s occupants can describe. No shell casings were found nor was there any blood. The victim’s wound had burn marks indicating that the gun was right up against him at the time it fired. The clerk at the gas station said he never heard a gunshot. Detectives came in and stories began to change, recanted from the original. The two occupants of the car were arrested for making false representation to the police. The man shot in the leg was given a copy of charges and released. He was later transferred to Grady Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

500 block of North River Pkwy. – On July 23, police were called just before 11 p.m. after a resident saw two juveniles breaking into cars in the area of an apartment complex. An officer spotted a juvenile who matched the description of one of the suspects. He had on a backpack. He told the officer he was playing a video game requiring him to walk around. The officer noted that he was breathing hard and sweating. The witness confirmed that the juvenile was one of the suspects. Another officer located a second juvenile who was confirmed to be the second suspect. Items in the backpacks were confirmed to have been stolen from several cars. The items included GPS units and a Ryobi drill. The juvenile was charged and taken to the Fulton County Youth Detention Center, where they refused to take him. He was taken home to his mother. The second suspect, old enough not be considered a juvenile, was taken to jail.

5500 block of Roswell Road – On July 24, employees of a department store detained a man who put two cellphone cords/chargers down his pants and attempted to leave the store without paying. He was taken to jail for the $40 theft.
On July 24, cops arrested two juveniles on Northwood Drive for shooting a BB gun, hitting a man in the leg.

7800 block of Roswell Road – On July 26, officers were called to a liquor store regarding a complaint of street drug-dealing. A description of a male, white shirt, gym shorts, was seen selling to another person. The officer located a man who matched the description. The man said he worked at the store and was not selling drugs. The officer found no drugs on the man but after running a records check, the man was found to be wanted in College Park for failure to appear. He was arrested and later transferred to the College Park Police Department.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.