There is an obvious conflict of interest between Dunwoody Homeowner Association officers and directors that serve on city government committees and members of the Dunwoody City Council serving on the DHA Board of Directors as currently shown on the DHA website.

The Dunwoody Homeowners Association today no longer has the broad support of the community the way it once did many years ago – today the DHA represents only a group – a segmented clique that has no standing to make any deals about city projects or developments. However, there is genuine appreciation for the wonderful Fourth of July Parade and Light Up Dunwoody – and if the DHA changed its purpose to only operate those type of events it would no doubt have the broad support of the community and have many more members.

Several years ago many of the more than 850 members of Save Dunwoody attempted to have input about the Village Parkway project at meetings of the Design Review Advisory Committee. These meetings were actually held at the DHA headquarters, and most members of that committee including the chairman, were incumbent members of the DHA Board of Directors. Councilman Terry Nall now claims these very unfair meetings should not have taken place. The point is they did happen, and under the current structure of city government, there is no guarantee they will not happen again.

The job of the Dunwoody City Council is to represent all the citizens – not just one group. Any member of the Dunwoody City Council who does not insist that his or her name be removed from the DHA website as a member of the DHA Board of Directors should resign from the Dunwoody City Council.

Mayor Shortal should be greatly admired for his courage to address this significant problem.

– Jim Dickson