IMG_4617Dad’s Garage Theatre is presenting the improv soap opera “Scandal” every Saturday night through Sept. 17. “Scandal” is set at a fictitious shopping mall in the Old Fourth Ward that’s on its last legs and its wacky denizens. As media sponsor for the event, INtown is posting a recap of the Saturday episodes.

Week 10 began with Lark Darkcastle visiting David David David in his bookstore. Lark had a very special edition of a book in mind, but instead David gave him the equivalent of a Penthouse Forum with CHUDs.

Sparky Reinhardt asked Oral Hanks if he had any heavy duty cleaner in his store that might help remove a blood stain on the mall floor. Sparky went on at length at how the blood spray pattern seemed like someone had been shot in the head, making Oral very uncomfortable and evasive.

Dr. Anomaly visited a mall kiosk to buy a new iPhone cover from Brice DiSciullo, a teenager who had recently arrived at the mall for his summer job. Brice was new, fresh faced, and wanted to have relations with a real person.

Rosemary Splat stopped in to see Madame Swampass, as she needed a hex from her. Rosemary wanted a wide ranging, all inclusive hex that would make people forget things that she had said… specifically that she was a CHUD Queen who would lay an egg in their chests.

At the craft fair in the mall court, Lark and Oral were shopping their wares. Lark’s macrame owls were not quite flying off the shelves. Lark was more concerned about the fact that a piece of human skull was found in the mall fountain.

Dr. Anomaly summoned David David David to his magic store to reveal two things – first, that David had a FOURTH “David” personality inside of him, and that this one is French. Secondly, that he must be ready to do the evil bidding that would be coming soon from the Dr.’s mysterious dark master.

Sparky had come to Madame Swampass’s hot sauce store to find something really spicy to make a self defense spray with. In the course of conversation, Sparky surmised that all of her recent bad luck might be do to with karma and all of the bad hexes she’s cast on people. Madame Swampass then vowed to only cast good hexes from now on.

Brice was on his lunch break, enjoying a gyro, when Rosemary stopped by to chat. Upon learning that he was a young, naïve human who was desperate for physical intimacy, Rosemary gave him his first horrendous sexual experience, right in the middle of the food court.

Dr. Anomaly finally met his dark master… and it was none other than Charles “Chugga” Kingsford, now King of the CHUDs! Chugga’s first order to the Doc – everyone must have carnal relations with everyone else!

Brice went into the Spencer’s to look at the naughty section. When Lark saw Brice’s hair, he knew the truth – here was his long lost son. After a tearful reunion, Brice asked his Dad for a job. Lark wasn’t able to accommodate him, though, due to his lowly standing, and Brice immediately switched into complaining teenager mode.

Madame Swampass was trying on cute hats when Oral finally found her to tell her the truth… that he had killed her husband, Agent Hammer, in a time-travel self-defense scenario. Oral turned over his gun, the murder weapon, to Swampass. She pointed it at his head and immediately pulled the trigger, but Oral remarked that he wasn’t stupid enough to give her a loaded weapon.

David and Sparky were playing “name that tune” with the mall muzak, when a real song broke out. A song about how Sparky’s hatred and fear of the CHUDs would poison his life, and that not keeping hate in your heart would set you free. Sparky told David he would try to live with love, instead of hate.

Chugga, King of the CHUDs, visited Rosemary, who he had not seen since he had died back in Week 3. After her initial shock at seeing him, once she learned he was now the CHUD King she removed her hat to show him something that had just popped up overnight – her tiny CHUD Queen crown!

Brice went to Oral Hanks to ask for a job, since his father had failed him. During one of his angsty teen fits, his hair fell off. Brice revealed that he had taken the hair off of some homeless person, which led Oral to ask, “Did you steal the hair and take the place of Lark’s real, homeless long lost son?”

Chugga, Rosemary and Dr. Anomaly were all gathered and planning the rise of the CHUD empire, when suddenly Sparky Reinhardt came in looking for Pine Sol. Faced with his ultimate nemesis, the King of the CHUDs, Sparky prepared himself for battle, but when the moment came he thought back to his song and didn’t spray Chugga in the face with Formula 409. Instead, Chugga quickly cut open both their arms and mingled the blood, thus infecting Sparky with CHUD cooties. The lights went down as Sparky screamed into the sky…

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To purchase tickets and to find out more information about “Scandal,” visit Dad’s Garage is located at 569 Ezzard St. in the Old Fourth Ward.

Collin Kelley

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