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Courtesy CBS46

Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary W. Black sent a statement to the media this morning about the ongoing gasoline shortage affecting metro Atlanta. The shortage is due to a pipeline break in Alabama, and motorists reported all weekend that some stations were either out of gas or certain grades. Here’s the statement in full from Black:

“As a result of the ongoing repairs to Colonial Pipeline, we are still receiving reports of some gasoline shortages in the Atlanta area. The Georgia Department of Agriculture is working with our federal, state and industry partners to monitor the situation and have taken action along with the Governor’s Office to relax certain regulations in an attempt to open several alternate avenues to help resupply the Atlanta area. As of Monday morning it appears that the situation is starting to improve, however it will take time for the gas supply to return to normal. We reiterate the Governor’s advisement to the public to maintain regular consumption levels and travel schedules in order to reduce further interruption to the fuel supply. Any concerns regarding gas prices and gouging should be reported to the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs at 800-869-1123 or”

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