The Brookhaven Police Department is dealing with numerous complaints from residents of thieves targeting and entering cars to steal items and is asking for the public’s help to stop the crimes.

In a recent post to Facebook, the BPD asks people to lock their cars and remove the keys, including key fobs, from inside the cars. The police also ask people to remove valuables items from their cars. The post states:

Like law enforcement agencies across the country, Brookhaven Police officers are responding to record numbers of entering auto complaints. In nearly ¾ of the incidents, the cars from which items were stolen were left unlocked. Similarly, there has been a notable increase in cars stolen with the keys – especially key fobs – still inside.

BPD is working to reduce these offenses through directed and random patrols, saturation details, crime mapping, and collaboration with other jurisdictions. Its working; we arrested four offenders just last night. But we need your help!! Bluntly, our officers cannot be on every street during every hour of every day. Residents and visitors MUST ensure the safety of your own valuables by removing them from your car, and by locking your car doors. Leaving doors unlocked teaches burglars to return to your neighborhoods, again and again, until they find the valuables they’re after. Don’t give them that chance! (DTS)

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.