unnamedBy Franklin Abbott

Andrea Hintemaier was on a train from Frankfurt to Berlin when the idea for her film “Bruno” came to her. “It unfolded image by image,” she says. “The movie wrote itself.” This short film, which  will have its Atlanta debut at the Out on Film Festival,  is a coming of age story about two young, gay teenagers. Hintemaier also plays a single mother in the movie.

Hintemaier is a native of Austria but was raised mostly in Germany. As a child, she and an older friend would produce plays for their neighbors. Hintemaier studied drama in high school and attended drama school in Germany. She has acted in a number of movies and television programs both in German and English and has co-produced several short films. “Bruno” is her first solo production as a writer and director.

“Bruno” is the story of a family of three: a struggling single mother and her two teenagers, a son and a daughter. The son, Bruno, is in love with his best friend, who is from a different culture. In the brief span of the film, Hintemaier explores the emotional lives of all of her characters. She says growing up with a single mother helped her interpret the role of the mother and that her work as an acting teacher with adolescents has helped her understand the challenges of coming out and of cross cultural relationships. Her three young actors all attended her acting school in Berlin and their rapport comes in part from having studied together.

A scene from ‘Bruno.’

“Bruno” will be screened at other film festivals including the European Film Festival and the New Filmmakers Festival in India. Hintemaier is working on a television production in Boston and a film adaptation of “MacBeth” in which she plays Lady MacBeth. She will be present at the screening of her film at Out on Film at noon on Friday, Sept. 30, at the Landmark Midtown Cinema. “Bruno” one of seven short films shown together as “Noon Shorts: Love Conquers.”

The Out on Film Festival opens tonight and continues through Oct. 6. For the full schedule visit, outonfilm.org.

Franklin Abbott is an Atlanta psychotherapist and consultant, writer and cammunity organizer. 

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